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How can I convert text with a localized number format into a number in MS SQL Server?

Let’s say I have a number in the german number format “1,00” which is equal to 1.0 in the en-US locale. Is there a built-in way to convert this text in T-SQL to the corresponding number? It seems like CONVERT and CAST accept only numbers with ‘.’ as the decimal separator and I see no […]

SQL Server Localized Case-Sensitivity Comparison in Trigger/If-Statement

I’ve created some triggers for auditing purposes that compare old (existing) field values to the new on UPDATE or INSERT and, if changes exist, it inserts the changed values into an [AuditEntry] table. Nothing magical or groundbreaking. The triggers worked well, with one exception: When the user only changed the case of a value, no […]

Not Storing Decimal Point in SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

I am in the UK. I have a Windows 2008 server in Germany with SQL Server 2008 R2 Express installed on it. The regional settings for Windows are set to UK. SQL Server language is set to English. When I run sp_helplanguage @@LANGUAGE it shows that it is set to us_english I have numerous tables […]

Decimal conversion from vb.net to store in SQL Server

I have this piece of code Dim lt As Decimal Dim lg As Decimal Decimal.TryParse(tbLat.Value.Replace(“.”, “,”), lt) Decimal.TryParse(tbLng.Value.Replace(“.”, “,”), lg) com.Parameters.AddWithValue(“latitude”, lt) com.Parameters.AddWithValue(“longtitude”, lg) in which I am trying to store the lt and lg parameters in column decimal(9,6). In the local SQL Server it worked fine, but when I deployed in to my web […]

SSMS localized output windows – not be turned off

You can turn off location in output window of SQL Server Management Studio? I can not ever find it. My language is Slovak. I want to back English 🙁

SQL Server language data in table

I developing web application in asp.net with multilanguage support. Let says that I have this datatable (I can not change it) ITEMS. ID ITEM LANGUAGE 1 car en 1 das auto de 2 door en 3 desk en 3 tisch de If user uses german language then sql looks like that: SELECT id, item from […]

Multiple Language (English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Bangla, Italian,) in ASP.NET with SQL server !

I am developing a web Application in ASP.NET 3.5 with SQL Server 2008. I need Multiple Language such as English, Dutch, Finnish etc. I can do it by using System.Resources and System.Globalization. but I can’t convert the Language which data come from database. How can I solve it ???

How do I do a full text search in Sql Server 2008 where the data contains multiple languages?

I have a database table in Sql Server 2008 R2 which contains data stored in multiple languages including English, Swedish, Hungarian and German. The table uses the Latin1_General_CI_AS collation. The full text catalog has the table assigned to it with an index on the multi-language column. I have two problems: In the catalog properties, a […]

Is there such a thing as third party SQL Server word breaker for Hungarian language?

I want to use CONTAINS on a fulltext index and use FORMSOF(…) on Hungarian data. Is it possible? I KNOW it is not supported by default in SQL Server.

Data localization in SQL Server with GUIDs or…?

I need to make a database that is highly localized. For almost all entities I need a translation to 5+ languages. Some entities even require and additional resource localized (like images which I enter as paths). The question now is: 1: LOOKUP TABLE PER ENTITY/TABLE (kinda bloated schema?) should I create a “Localized” localization lookup […]

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