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Event generation in database based on time

I am wondering if there is any method available to implement event trigger based on time. Lets say i want to deleted/modify a record in a certain time span for example in two days/48 hrs automatically,do i ve to implement something via code for checking it everyday? or database provide any functionality that makes life […]

Replication between SQL Server and MYSQL

I am trying to set up replication between SQL Server 2008 and MYSQL. I have installed a MySQL ODBC 5.1 driver on the MySQL server. Initially I was trying to just set up a linked server between the two databases which is working fine. However now I am trying to set up replication in SSMS. […]

Getting similar rows from Database Table

Hello friends I am having following table structure of quote Table I want to access all similar quotes (which have same author_id and category_id) for a particular _id(quoteId) Similar quotes means all columns of all those rows of this table of same category_id and same author_id. Two quotes can be considered as similar if their […]

how to see the Table structure in the Query Analyzer MS SQL Server

I am trying to check the table structure of given table in Query Analyzer. I am trying to see the anything equivalent Of Describe in Mysql in SQL server I found sp_help, but that gives me more than what I expect.

Comparing DB technologies

I’m going to start a simple SaaS application and am considering which DB to go with(MSSQL, MySql, Oracle). Can someone who experience it(actual use)point the pros and cons(performence,costs,easy to develop,easy to maintain) of each technology and recommend his favorite?

Finding “missing” rows

I have an examn data base, with 4 tables: users, answers, questions and subjects. user table U_id | name subjects table S_id | Subject questions table Q_id | S_id | question | Correct answers table U_id | Q_id | answers i need to find the number of correct answer per subject, per user. my query […]

Comparing tables of different databases after migration

Recently I have migrated my project from SQLServer 2000 to MySQL 5.2 using MySQL migration toolkit although at the end of migration it shows the message that migration successful but i am still not sure whether the data migrated successfully or not because while migrating in the back end this migration toolkit do something like […]

Entity Framework Database Agnostic Development

I want to use the Entity Framework in my application. I understand that I can use the Entity Framework with MySQL. I am familiar with SQL Server and very happy with using its tools. However with my web host I have to use MySQL. Is it possible to develop locally using SQL Server and then […]

Why there are multiple storage motors in MySQL

Why there are multiple storage motors in MySQL? If Make compare between MySQL and MSSQL with storage motor property. Which DBMS have advantage?

mysql query and performance

I would like to know the impact on performance if I run this query in the following conditions. Query: select `players`.*, count(`clicks`.`id`) as `clicks_count` from `players` left join `clicks` on `clicks`.`player_id` = `players`.`id` group by `players`.`id` order by `clicks_count` desc limit 1 Conditions: In the clicks table I expect to get insert 1000 times in […]

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