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SQL Server collation to MySQL collation+character set mapping and vice versa

I’m trying to automatically translate SQL Server collation string to MySQL collation string. But I can’t find any rules, how are these collation names created. For example, I want to translate MySQL collation ‘big5_chinese_ci’ into SQL Server equivalent. There are some useful links: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa258233(v=sql.80).aspx https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/charset-charsets.html Any ideas? (btw…please excuse my bad english)

EF 6 seamless connection with both Ms SQL and MySQL

I have ASP.NET MVC application with default MS SQL 2012 data source. I need to make same app to work with MySQL db without much code change or separate compilation since both database are exact replica. I have browsed and notice following solutions : Create separate SSDL using edmgen tool. – couldn’t complete implementation example […]

How do I resolve linked server issues?

I am running MSSQL 2008 R2, as well as MySQL 5.6. Both database servers are running on the same Windows Server 2008 machine. I have had a linked server set up working fine for a few years, but suddenly I have started to receive the following error: OLE DB provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “MYSQL_LINK” […]

Excel, SQL – Change select header rows to columns and insert values for each column

I hope someone can help. I have an excel file with hundreds of items that looks like the below table, that shows the Style’s Color/Size and it’s QTY levels. But I need to take the corresponding header Sizes and match it with the Style and Color as well as it’s QTY levels. Then format it […]

Equivalent of MSSQL with statement in MYSQL

is there any equivalent to the following statement in mysql ? With Tmp1 as ( Select Distinct EmpID, TypeID From tb_deductionBalance ), Tmp2 as ( Select *, row_number() OVER ( order by empID /* no employeeID in Tmp1 */) as RowNum From Tmp1 ) Select * From Tmp2 Where RowNum Between @Start and @End I […]

Creating webpages that manage database by “CRUD” SQL PHP

I am practicing PHP with MySQL, and I am creating a webpage that lists all the details from table(s) from a query – this part works perfectly. I then want the user to be able to click a link from the table, which will direct the user to a CRUD page for that specific table […]

Make a trigger to prevent inserting same data on different tables

I would like some help please. I created three tables as shown below, one TRACK, one COMPOSER and one ARTIST, And I want to crate a constraint that prevents from inserting a composer that already is an artist and vice-versa. So I want to create a trigger that when I insert a new composer that […]

How to add additional information to Axapta Database without administrative privileges?

I am writing for advice on whether solution you recommend to choose. Here is in a nutshell what I have: Axapta databse on MS SQL Server 2008 R2. Several SQL queries using the data of the database through PHP web application. Webserver, which is running web application. No administrator privileges on the Axapta databse (only […]

SQL Server 2012 Data Integration

I’m writing an intranet application (in a LAMP environment) that uses data from sections of an MSSQL 2012 database (used by another much larger application). As I see it my options are to: Directly query the database from the application. Create a web service Use Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services to have the data automatically […]

MySQL, MSSQL – SymmetricDS

We are trying to replicate our Microsoft SQL Server schema to a MySQL server with SymmetricDS, I got it running and works ok, but the next step I need to take is to put all of the system tables from SymmetricDS out of the schema we are replicating, to another schema, but I don’t really […]

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