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Localdb connection from c# .net 3.5

We created a windows application in .net 3.5. When i run it on my development machine (installed application, not from VS) i can connect to a local db database server using the servername: (localdb)\v11.0. When starting on the client’s computer i get an exception when using this servername. When i use the named-pipe servername i […]

SQL query error :Incorrect Syntax Near “#”?

When I try to execute this SQL query: savInto.CommandText = “update onCommands set warnDate =#” & movDate.Value.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”) & “#,updateDate =#” & Date.Now.ToShortDateString & “#,transportCompany ='” & Trim(Company.Text) & “‘ where ID =” & moveID I get this error: Incorrect syntax near ‘#’

Convert query/stored procedure result set to XML

I’m looking to take the result of a SQL Server stored procedure and transform it into XML in .NET/C# What I’m interested in is what standard libraries there are in .NET to help with the specifics of generating XML and if there any external libraries or tricks that can help automating the transformation from result […]

SQL Server database insert/update TCP notifications

Is there anyway to send some sort of message from SQL Server to identify that a table has been updated or had a record inserted into it? Preferably TCP but anything will do. I know there is SQL Notification Services but this is no longer supported in SQL 2008 Just wondering if its possible to […]

Full-text search not finding results by removing characters at the font of the string

I have an full-text catalog on my table when I remove the first couple of characters of the search string it can’t find my products anymore but when I remove the last couple it finds the right products. When I found out I tested the behavior on a other site/server, and there it is fully […]

using a SqlConnection in C++ / .NET

When I go to the MSDN page for the SqlConnection class, it only shows examples in C# and VB. Why doesn’t MSDN show a C++ example? I am particularly interested in how a C++ example would get around the lack of the using keyword in C++.

Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a Int32 while executing stored procedure

I have an SQL procedure with these parameters @WorkflowApprovalHistoryId int OUTPUT, @ProjectUid uniqueidentifier, @ProjectId nvarchar(50), @StageUid uniqueidentifier, @Username nvarchar(50), @WasRejected bit, @Cost money, @Work money, @StartDate datetime, @FinishDate datetime, @InsertDate datetime OUTPUT I have checked this Failed To Convert Parameter Value From A String To A Int32 , but it does not helped me because […]

Retrieve record counts from multiple statements

I wrote my own SQL client because I was tired of SSMS. I want to capture the affected row counts just like SSMS but SqlCommand.StatementCompleted is raised multiple times when ExecuteReader finishes (or EndExecuteReader is called). Even though the statements in the batch complete with a regular interval, it seems like the DONE_IN_PROC messages are […]

O/RM Choice (not reliant on linq)

I like using SQL, and I think I am pretty good with it. And I tried to use Linq (with c# and Linq2Sql, looks like it feels more SQL-like with VB.Net), I feel it is very frustrating, you cannot just run your query without compiling and executing the code. I am not so great with […]

Sql Management Studio 2016 could not load type

I just upgraded to SQL Management Studio 2016 CTP2 I get this error when logging into a db server: Could not load type ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Dmf.FailedOperationException’ from assembly ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.Dmf, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91’. (ObjectExplorer) Here is the info in the about tab: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 13.0.500.53 Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools 13.0.500.53 Microsoft Data Access Components […]

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