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best way for accessing data over internet . ADO.Net dataservices?

This may appear a newbie question but forgive me I am new to the world of dot Net. I have to make a desktop application that connects to a local SQL Server database. However in some cases the same database will be running on a server which can be accessed via the internet. What is […]

Deploy multiple instance of reporting services or connect to multiple versions of DLLs

Is there any way in SSRS2008 to deploy multiple instances of the ReportServer running separate code sets? I’m developing a very specific deployment of reporting services where I have a number of custom extensions plugged in. But, my company typically deploys multiple versions of a release at once on the same server. I’m at a […]

Inner select on one to many

I have 2 tables event + event_artist event eventId | eventName 1 , gig1 2, gig2 event_artist eventId, artistName 1, Led Zip 1, The Beatles ie Led Zep and the Beatles are both playing @ Gig1 I need to create the SQl to bind to a gridview ( you necessarily need to know about gridviews […]

What's the best way to calculate similarity between rows in a table based on association?

Suppose each Person has a collection of favorite Books. So I have a table for: Person Book The association between Person and Book (joint table for MxN) I want to fetch the Persons that are similar to a Person1 based on the favorite Books overlaping. That is: The more books they have in common, the […]

Error using Merge Replication to SQL Compact 3.5

We are getting the following error when syncing with sql server (2005 SP3): Initializing SQL Server Reconciler has failed. Try again.; The merge process could not connect to the message file from Subscriber ‘{F238C7BC-E13B-40E4-99F2-F11A203BD65A}:W:\http_content\Secure\SECURE_PROD\data_merge\30.18F5D9B4BCC7_B1415013-9FB7-424A-AB45-643A0D4A6320.IN’. Check to ensure that the server is running.; The subscription to publication ‘COREPublication’ could not be verified. Ensure that all Merge […]

How to show hierarchial data in a dropdownlist

I have a table in SQL Server 2005. alt text http://www.techpint.com/sites/default/files/images/table.JPG I want to show all domain name in a dropdownlist maintaing the same hierarchy. i.e Law Engineering –civil –Mechanical Medical –Dental —-Cavity –MBBS I need to append ‘–‘ according to the domain level. Is it possible using a sql query. or alternatively can I […]

Fixing Foreign Key issues with a legacy database

Tools: SQL2000/5/8, .NET 3.5, C# I have come across an application that has two tables. In “code” the tables look like this: TABLE1 (1——N) TABLE2 So Table1 (T1) has an Id: IdT1 and Table2 (T2) has its id (IdT2) and a foreign key t2.IdT1 This 1.N relationship is code enforced to some degree. There were […]

Getting Started with Sync Framework

I’m having some trouble getting started with the Sync Framework. In doing research, it looks like the Sync Framework is a better fit for what we need than replication or a custom-rolled solution. Basically, we need to keep some datasets synced from our central office with every store in the company to overcome shortfalls with […]

Recognize application connected to SQL Server 2005

I’d like to know what application connected to DB and executing SPs. (I want to limit SP execution to only my App – all other – eg MS SSMS would be ignored) So is there a way to find out connected client name? If not maybe you have other suggestion how to ensure only dedicated […]

SQL Server table isolation level and lock issue

For the same ADO.Net statement, I want to make sure my understanding of isolation level and lock is correct. In default SQL Server isolation level (read committed), after read each row, the row will unlocked; If I raise isolation level to repeatable read, the lock (on the whole table? or some other level lock?) will […]

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