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What kind of permission I need to assign?

I am doing some work in Reporting Service 2005. I need to call a COM object so I wrapped the call in custom assembly. The approach worked in preview. But when I deployed the report I ran into #Error. Microsoft has a KB article about this. It says that I have to assert permission in […]

WPF SQL Distributed Data Model with LINQ and SQL Express

I am developing an application in C#/WPF that requires a distributed data model, as it will have both online and offline access. My current thoughts are to develop the first version of the application against SQL Server express and LINQ to SQL. Then use the schema to create a SQL Express Compact DB (and modify […]

Sql Server Compact Edition database deployment strategy

I have a question about the most appropriate way to deploy a SQL Server CE database with our client application. I understand we need to install the SQL Server CE prerequisites etc., so this isn’t a question about getting it to work. It already does. Right now the way we have it is that we […]

Error 0x8007F303 occurs during printing of reports from MOSS using SRS viewer web part

When attempting to print using the SSRS Viewer Web Part in SharePoint I get the following error. An error occured during printing. (0x8007F303) The settings we are using in this box (production) are exactly the same as the settings in testing where this works perfectly fine. Anyone have any good ideas or faced this before?

Please suggest 3D Report Creation tool that have a good look and feel?

I want to create 3D reports which have a good look and feel. I am using VS 2008 and SQL server 2008. Is there any way of creating 3D or 4D reports in SQL server 2008 or can I use the crystal reports package that is bundled with .NET?

Paging in GridView using SqlDataSource

I have a GridView that accesses data from a SqlDataSource in DataSet mode. I have paging enabled and it works, but on large datasets it takes an extraordinarily long time to pull data. It seems like the SqlDatSource is pulling all the data, and then it’s being paged at the UI level. This is obviously […]

Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo and its brothers works on SQL2000?

As title, I need that to run an import script generated by SQL Server DB Publishing Tool. Would that work on Sql2000 server too? Also I have seen ppl reporting missing library issues related to GAC, which libraries I precisely need to include if I am not controlling the deployment server? To know how this […]

Return an Oracle Ref Cursor to a SqlServer T-SQL caller

Is it possible to return an Oracle Ref Cursor to a caller that is in SqlServer T-SQL? When dealing with a normal .Net program there is this Knowledge Base article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322160 But is this same type of thing possible from T-SQL?

ADO.NET Query optimisation

I have a bit of a strange one happening. The first query I got from running a profiler on a C# ADO.NET application. What it is doing is not as interesting as the way the parameters are being passed – This query is taking 250+ seconds to complete, but when I modify it (Query 1) […]

Using SQLDependency/SqlNotificationRequest to have multiple instances of the same app receive the same notifications?

I started looking at this recently with the very limited knowledge that the ASP.NET Cache could somehow make use of a SqlCacheDependency to invalidate the cache when a table (or a queries results) change. This lead me to the SQLDependency and SqlNotificationRequest classes. While the details of the SqlNotificationRequest class still elude me I did […]

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