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How to make software developed in WinForms .NET 3.5 with SQL Express portable

i found that its really pain to create setup and deployment packages for windows xp/vista/7 so my question is can i make my application portable with any third party tool such as thin app ? my application requires dot net 3.5 framework and sql express 05 installed i want to put it on usb drive […]

SQL Server Error “Could not open a connection to SQL Server”

I know this is a known issue. But I’ve tried everything I found out and I can’t solve it yet. I’ve a .Net winforms app. It needs to connect to a SQL Server in a remote server in the same network. It works perfectlly in my machine, but it doesn’t in antoher machine from my […]

ASP.net SQL server universal date problem

I need to solve the following problem for one of my clients. They have an installer which installs a SQL server database + IIS website. The SQL database user can have any kind of date format (DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY,…) depending on the locale of the sql server. The IIS website can have any kind of date […]

ADO.net how to start

For the last 3 hours I’ve been trying to figure out how ADO.NET works with no success. Could someone point me at a great tutorial or somethign similar? I am trying to build a DB from scratch and working with it in my WPF program. I have worked before with JDBC and sqlite but I […]

Issue when running SQL Server 2005 SSIS Package on Remote Server

i created a SSIS package on my development machine which simply: 1) Deletes records from weak table in database. 2) Loads file from filesystem into weak table in database. 3) The package is called from an asp.net page When i run the package manually on my machine it works, when the protection level is EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey. […]

All embedded databases fail to open connections

I’m working on a winforms desktop application that needs to store data. I made the really bad decision to try and embed a database. I’ve tried: SQLite VistaDB SQL Server Compact In each case, I was able to generate a Entity Framework Model over the basic schema I’ve created. I have an event that adds […]

SQL Express vs SQL CE, latency/lag

Specifications say SQL CE runs as an “in-memory-process”. What does that really mean, and what is the difference of this compared to SQL Express? And does it matter if SQL Express is connected as attached or detached in that respect? I’m specially concerned with latency/lag, as my program is not typically User-activity based, but mainly […]

Facebook like Feed

I want to agregate updates of my tables into a feed. Let´s take sample tables News, User->[Info-Update, Friendships, Images, Videos], SomeOtherTable On every update or insert an event is fired. Now there will be, for this different types, some handlers that should generate the feed. Problem 1: FeedTable, its columns, localized titles and text. My […]

MIN and MAX for a year from datetime using linq to sql

How can I perform this MS SQL Query with Linq to SQL in C# SELECT DATEPART(yy, MAX (articleDate)) AS max_year, DATEPART(yy, MIN (articleDate)) AS min_year FROM News; Thanks

Set today date to Default Value or Binding

I’m using MSSQL2008. The date type is Date, and I would like to set the default date to now or today. I’ve tried GETDATE(), but I get “Error validating the default for column ‘Date’”. If I persist with GETDATE(), it doesn’t work.

MS SQL Server is a Microsoft SQL Database product, include sql server standard, sql server management studio, sql server express and so on.