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MSSQL Data type conversion

I have a pair of databases (one mssql and one oracle), ran by different teams. Some data are now being synchronized regularily by a stored procedure in the mssql table. This stored procedure is calling a very large MERGE [mssqltable].[Mytable] as s USING THEORACLETABLE.BLA as t ON t.[R_ID] = s.[R_ID] WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET […]

Copying Data from Oracle Server to SQL Server

I’m quite new to coding in general and I’m looking to copy 47 columns with c300,000 rows of data, from an Oracle to an SQL database, on a daily basis. The code will be stored as a Windows Service, running at the same time every day (or more likely night). The data from the Oracle […]

MS SQL: Call function with parameter from linked Oracle server

I’ve got MS SQL Server. There is a linked ORACLE server on it named HOST4KS. At Oracle DB I have two functions – one parameterless and one with parameter. I need to get their result in my tsql query. 1) function without parameter RetVal:=KSOL.routines.Tst; It always returnes int = 123 DECLARE @Resultint select top 1 […]

What is a good way to open large files across a WAN?

I have an application deployed into multiple zones and there are some issues with opening larger documents (20-50MB) across the WAN. Currently the documents are stored in Zone 1 (Americas) and a link stored in the database to the docs. I have heard some things about blobs in oracle and store binary in MS SQL […]

Transform update statement with joins from SQL Server into Oracle

This update statement works perfectly on SQL Server, but on Oracle doesn’t. UPDATE wfu set klient_id_crma= K.KLIENT_PROD_ID , umowa_id_crma= u.umowa_id from wh_ods.umowy u join WNIOSKI_umowy wfu on u.NUMER_REFERENCYJNY = wfu.numer JOIN WH_ODS.KLIENCI K ON U.KLIENT_ID= K.KLIENT_ID What is the simplest way to make update with few joins on Oracle? that method returns error: UPDATE (SELECT […]

How can I generically detect if a database is 'empty' from Java

Can anyone suggest a good way of detecting if a database is empty from Java (needs to support at least Microsoft SQL Server, Derby and Oracle)? By empty I mean in the state it would be if the database were freshly created with a new create database statement, though the check need not be 100% […]

The entity framework and database agnostic programming, possibilities?

We want to use the Entity Framework (.NET 4.0) to build applications that can deal with Sql Server, MySQL and Oracle. And maybe Sqlite too. It should be easy to switch the db vendor by some setting in a config file. Is this possible? I prefer real life examples! What kind of providers did you […]

How to get the list of java processes along with their PID(process id) that are running on UAT server under a specfic account?

Problem: A jar file was failed to deploy on a UAT server. Reason: Because when we are trying to rename it,it is showing “cannot rename the file it is been used by another user”. step choosen in order to solve the problem log on UAT server(xxx). we need the list of java processes along with […]

How to convert this t-sql script?

I am unfamiliar with Oracle and i need to have equivalent of my script for Oracle. Script: SELECT COL_NAME(parent_object_id, parent_column_id) AS ForigneKeyField, COL_NAME(referenced_object_id, referenced_column_id) AS PrimaryKeyField, OBJECT_NAME(referenced_object_id) AS PrimaryTable FROM sys.foreign_key_columns WHERE parent_object_id = OBJECT_ID(@name)

Queries for Sql Server and Oracle

I’m developing an asp.net application with Database factory pattern which allows the application to support both Sql Server and Oracle. I’ve created an abstract class that has the methods common to Sql Server and Oracle, like the CreateConnection and CreateCommand methods. This class is implemented by SqlServer and Oracle classes. Now, is there an easy […]

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