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SSL/wallet error trying to access Oracle DB from SSRS

I’m trying to access a third party Oracle database from SQL Server Reporting Services. I had it working on previous versions of SQL Server and Oracle ODAC, but it’s been several years. I’m now being forced into an upgrade, and when I try to create the data source in SSRS, I get the following error: […]

Convert Oracle stored procedure to SQL Server stored procedure

Dear all can any one help me to convert the following Oracle stored procedure to SQL Server Version CREATE PROCEDURE Schedule_Employees ( param_from IN VARCHAR2, param_to IN VARCHAR2, param_template_id IN NUMBER) AS start_date NUMBER; end_date NUMBER; template_type NUMBER; rec_no NUMBER; days_no NUMERIC; day_date VARCHAR2 (20); shifts_value VARCHAR2 (10); current_shift VARCHAR2 (10) := ‘-1’; current_index NUMERIC […]

Convert Oracle Datetime format query to MS SQL Server Format

I have a Oracle query SELECT to_timestamp(’29-03-17 03:58:34.312000000 PM’,’DD-MM-RR HH12:MI:SS.FF AM’) FROM DUAL I want to convert to SQL Server where I need to retain the Oracle date string i.e ’29-03-17 03:58:34.312000000 PM’: SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME, REPLACE(REPLACE(’29-03-2017 03:58:34.312000000 PM’,’-‘, ‘/’),’000000 ‘, ”), 131) I tried the above query, as 131 format closely matches ’29-03-17 03:58:34.312000000 PM’ […]

Translating complex oracle query to sql server

I’m trying to translate a complex Oracle SQL query in to SQL Server SQL. Here is the query I have to translate: SELECT TABLE_A.COL_ID, TABLE_A.COL2_ID, TABLE_A.COL3_ID, COL4, COL5, COL6, alias.COL7, alias.COL8 FROM TABLE_A Inner Join (SELECT UNIQUE TABLE_A.COL_ID, LISTAGG(TABLE_B.COL4_ID, ‘,’) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY TABLE_A.COL_ID) COL7, LISTAGG(TABLE_C.COL5_ID, ‘,’) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY TABLE_A.COL_ID) COL8 FROM […]

The SSIS package transferring data from SQL to ORACLE server canceled when records count is more than 19000

The SSIS package i built its functionality is to pick up all records from the SQL server 2014 64bit – RDC Logical View and copy them over to the Oracle 11g 64bit table. The package get executed at where SQL server 2014 is installed. I am seeing some odd behavior with the SSIS package. The […]

Column Indexing and DELETE query performance

I have a table with few Columns like ID (PK), Name, created_time etc. and periodically I DELETE rows from this table by using this simple DELETE query. DELETE FROM my_table WHERE created_time < ‘some time’; Just want to know what will be the performance impact on INSERT, SELECT and DELETE if I make or not […]

Entity Framework 6 Oracle Migration Alternative for System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlFunctions

We have application which should work on both sql server and oracle.we have used Sql functions in all over application. now we are migrating to oracle. below are Sql Functions that we used. SqlFunctions.StringConvert() SqlFunctions.DateAdd() SqlFunctions.Replicate() SqlFunctions.DateDiff() Now we need alternative for above functions which will work with oracle. after google a lot the solution […]

converting sql server query to oracle outer join issue

We had the following query in sql server: SELECT b.columnB, b.displayed_name AS displayName, c.type_cd, c.type_desc, b.month_desc AS month FROM table1 a, table2 b, table3 c WHERE b.region_code *= a.columnA AND c.program_type_cd *= a.program_type_cd which, in oracle, got converted to: SELECT b.columnB, b.displayed_name displayName, c.type_cd, c.type_desc, b.month_desc month FROM table1 a, table2 b, table3 c WHERE […]

Is using multiple tables an advisable solution to dealing with user defined fields?

I am looking at a problem which would involve users uploading lists of records with various field structures into an application. The 2nd part of this would be to also allow the users to specify fields to capture information. This is a step beyond anything ive done up to this point where i would have […]

Oracle and SQL Dataset

Problem: I have to pull data from a SQL Server database and an Oracle database and put it together in one dataset. The problem I have is: The SQL Server query requires an ID that is only found from the return of the Oracle query. What I am wondering is: How can I approach this […]

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