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Return an Oracle Ref Cursor to a SqlServer T-SQL caller

Is it possible to return an Oracle Ref Cursor to a caller that is in SqlServer T-SQL? When dealing with a normal .Net program there is this Knowledge Base article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322160 But is this same type of thing possible from T-SQL?

How do database naming conventions change for multitenant applications?

For multitenant databases, to you name tables differently based on: Whether the table will host multiple tenants or just rely on the exist of a tenant column If you support multiple “applications” such as salesforce.com, do you prefix the application name to the table? Do you try to keep the names the same across tables […]

Migrating from SQL Server to ORACLE ¿what to do with temporary tables?

Currently we use SQL Server and we have A LOT (read around 5.000) different scripts that create on the fly temporary tables. Now we are migrating to ORACLE, so we cannot create on the fly temporary tables. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

How to insert rows in an Excel sheet into SQL Server 2005 or oracle

How to insert rows in an Excel sheet into SQL Server 2005 or oracle ? For example if I have 5000 rows in Excel sheet how can I insert these rows into a table in any database

NHibernate inner Join an Oracle and Sql Server Database

I am building an object from multiple datasources. Does anyone know whether this is possible in NHibernate and how. I should mention that one source is SQL the other ORACLE.

SQL Server and Oracle Extended/External Procedures Compatibility

Is a extended/external stored procedure written in C and currently working under SQL Server viable to work under Oracle as well?

Full text search in SQL Server and Oracle

What minimal versions of SQL Server and Oracle are supported full text search?

Secured Linked Server!

following some tutorials i’ve succeded to create a linked service from a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to Oracle, i’ve followed another tutorial in order to make the connection encrypted, this was a piece of cake, i checked the oracles trace files it showed that it’s using encryption, but when i query from MSSMS the […]

Converting SQL Server to Oracle

I’m trying to convert the following statement from SQL Server to Oracle, but everything I’ve tried gives me different errors. Does anyone know how to convert this to be oracle friendly? select nullif(cast(cast(round(vn02.wheelbase,0,1)-1 as integer) as varchar) + ‘,’ + cast(cast(round(vn02.wheelbase,0,1) as integer) as varchar) + ‘,’ + cast(cast(round(vn02.wheelbase,0,1)+1 as integer) as varchar),’-1,0,1′) wheelbase from […]

Insert rows into a SQL Server table from Oracle

I have an Oracle 10G database running on a Unix environmnent and have a requirement to write a PL/SQL job that will be running on the Oracle database that will populate tables in another database which is a microsoft SQL Server database running on a Windows platform. Having looked around, it looks like this is […]

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