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Linked server not getting rows from Oracle DB

We are using SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard and linked servers to get information from other Oracle DB’s. The provider for our linked servers is the Oracle Provider for OLE DB. I have this query that I try to run in SQL Server. select * from [HPROD]..[GTBUD].GT_BUD_COA_VW Using Oracle SQL Developer I can see that […]

C# 20,000 records selected from oracle need to be inserted into SQL2005

i have a console app in c# that extracts 20 fields from an oracle DB witht he code below and i wanted an efficient way to insert them into SQL 2005. i dotn want to insert each one of the 20,000 within the while loop, obviously. i was thinking to change the code to use […]

How can I transfer data from a SQL table to an Oracle table?

I have a _Users_ table in MS SQL Server, then I created the same table in Oracle. How I can retrieve data from SQL table to my new Oracle table? Thanks.

Selecting BLOB column from Oracle database to SQL Server database over linked server

How do I select a blob column from an Oracle database using OPENQUERY on a SQL Server that is using Linked Server to connect to the Oracle database? When I try using this syntax, I receive an error: SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY(LINKED_SERVER_NAME , ‘Select blobColumn from TABLE’) AS derivedtbl_1 Errors: OLE DB provider “MSDAORA” for […]

Supporting both Oracle & SQL Server in Entity Framework

I have generated an Entity Framework model on a system that can be deployed to either an Oracle or SQL Server database. I have managed to get the EF Model working with both DB’s (I have a common CSDL, the Oracle SSDL and SQL Server SSDL). I am having a problem with integers. In SQL […]

method takes too long

I wrote a method that gathers data from an Oracle server, formats and encrypts the data then inserts it into a MS SQL server. The method moves about 60000 records and takes a bit long and is a little sloppy. Can anyone see places to clean it up and make it faster? 2 of the […]

Refreshing a database or table with management tools

In SQL Server Management Studio there is an option to refresh a table / database? Is there a similar option for Oracle? If yes how do I do this? Is there a command to run to do this? Lastly what does the refresh actually do? Does it commit the latest data and break locks?

Bind variable options

Is it possible to denote a bind variable in SQL Server using the same notation as Oracle i.e. :0, :1 instead of using ?. I have searched but not found anything conclusive on this. At the moment my solution uses bind variables to introduce values to statements that I run on the database which works […]

Merge two sql queries with if condition

I want to merge two queries. I have Query1 returning some Ids. Then I have Query2 which firstly check if some Ids are present in table. If no then the result would be Ids returned by Query1. If yes then I want common Ids which are returned by Query1 and Query2 like intersect of Ids […]

Database design: Where to store account balance?

Possible Duplicate: Database design: Calculating the Account Balance should the user's Account balance be stored in the database or calculated dynamically? Where is the best place to store the user’s account balance and why? 1) “Transaction” table, as calculated at the time when the transaction occurred or 2) “Account” Table, updated every time the user […]

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