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Querying an Oracle database from SQL Server

I have an Oracle 11g XE database that I would like to transfer into SQL Server Express 2005. At first I thought I’d just generate the tables in Oracle as SQL, manipulate the data formats, and run the query in SQL Server. This worked for small tables, but I have several tables with a few […]

Hundreds of aliases/synonyms vs database tables' fully qualified names

Given hundreds of database tables in multiple schemas, when creating stored procedures and views, would you recommend using aliases/synonyms or fully qualified name? Given a few schema.table like so, Orders.OrderHeader, Production.LineThroughput, Sales.Opportunities I expect a slight gain in performance with using qualified names but if a table such as Orders.Customers would have to be moved […]

Transfering data between different DBMS's

I would like to transfer the whole Database i have in Informix to Oracle. We have an an application which works on both Databases, one of our customers is moving from Informix to Oracle, and needs to transfer the whole Database to Oracle (the structure is the same). We need often to transfer data between […]

Is `Delete From Join` Standard SQL?

Among other questions, this one asked how to delete from a join. My question: How much of this is standard SQL? On which databases would this actually work (most notably for me would be Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer)?

Oracle MIN as analytic function – odd behavior with ORDER BY?

This particular case was distilled from an example where the programmer assumed that for two shipments into a tank car, line #1 would be loaded first. I corrected this to allow for the loading to be performed in any order – however, I discovered that MIN() OVER (PARTITION BY) allows an ORDER BY in Oracle […]

Difference between SQL Server and Oracle 'User'

Are there any differences between a user in SQL Server and one in Oracle? If so, what are they? Thanks in advance.

atomic compare and swap in a database

I am working on a work queueing solution. I want to query a given row in the database, where a status column has a specific value, modify that value and return the row, and I want to do it atomically, so that no other query will see it: begin transaction select * from table where […]

Is inserting a new database entry faster than checking if the entry exists first?

I was once told that it is faster to just run an insert and let the insert fail than to check if a database entry exists and then inserting if it is missing. I was also told that that most databases are heavily optimized for reading reading rather than writing, so wouldn’t a quick check […]

SQL Server : RowVersion equivalent in Oracle

Does Oracle has similar datatype to SQL Server’s RowVersion? When you insert or update a row, the corresponding Version column(which is of type RowVersion) gets updated automatically. MSDN says about RowVersion: Is a data type that exposes automatically generated, unique binary numbers within a database. rowversion is generally used as a mechanism for version-stamping table […]

CodePage error while importing data from Oracle to SQL Server using SSIS

I get the following warning on the OLEDB Source in the SSIS package. Warning 1 Validation warning. Data Flow Task: {20582F6F-DD9C-45F5-8727-992F525E67DC}: Cannot retrieve the column code page info from the OLE DB provider. If the component supports the “DefaultCodePage” property, the code page from that property will be used. Change the value of the property […]

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