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Cross DB stored procedures performance in SQL Server 2008

Let’s have: $DB an SQL Server database $DBSP1 an SQL Server database containing stored procedures referencing $DB $DBSP2 is exactly like $DBSP1 $SP is a stored procedure Running $SP on $DBSP1 from C# code takes around 1.5s. Running $SP on $DBSP2 from C# code takes around 0.5s. The C# code is very simple and use […]

SQL design for various data types

I need to store data in a SQL Server 2008 database from various data sources with different data types. Data types allowed are: Bit, Numeric (1, 2 or 4 bytes), Real and String. There is going to be a value, a timestamp, a FK to the item of which the value belongs and some other […]

SQL Server 2008 extremely slow using FTS on joined tables

I have two tables Product (id int, brandid int,Name nvarchar(1000)) 2+ million rows Brand (id int,name nvarchar(1000)) 20k rows FullText index is enabled on both table’s name field. If I do a search such as SELECT count(*) FROM Product p join Brand b on p.BrandID = b.ID WHERE contains(b.name,’calvin’) Runs super fast (less than a […]

How to: usage-based performance optimization in SQL Server 2008 Express

How can I do usage-based perfromance optimization if I am running SQL Server 2008 Express and using SQL Server Management Studio Express?

Choosing adequate spec servers for ASP.NET application

I’m working on an application that’s due to launch soon and could do with some advice on how to go about choosing servers of the appropriate configuration so everything performs well. The app is .NET 3.5, using SQL express edition for the DB. We currently have one low spec server being used as a staging […]

SQL Server 2005 64bit query blocking

We are experiencing some difficulties with SQL Server performance and wanted some help. Our environment is: – Windows 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition R2 Intel E5450 Quad Core 3ghz Processor 16GB RAM SQL Server 2005 64bit Enterprise Edition (9.00.3282.00) Database compatibility is 8 (but tested on 9 as well) Hyperthreading is switched off We have one […]

Recommended Hardware for Specific Number of Records in SQL Server Database

How many records are considered normal for a typical SQL sever database table? I mean, if some of the tables in database contain something like three or four million records, should I consider replacing the hardware, partitioning tables, etc? I have got a query which joins only two tables and has four conditions in its […]

Please can anyone explain How to read a Execution Plan for Poorly Performed Query in SQL Server?

Please can anyone explain How to read a Execution Plan for Poorly Performed Query in SQL Server?

Quick and dirty way to compare SQL server performance

Further to my previous question about the Optimal RAID setup for SQL server, could anyone suggest a quick and dirty way of benchmarking the database performance on the new and old servers to compare them? Obviously, the proper way would be to monitor our actual usage and set up all sorts of performance counters and […]

ASP.Net and SQL

I am developing an asp.net application where user inputs set of document number in excel sheet and my application should search for the particular records in the database and return the records which contains the value that was made as an input. For example if the document number which was given as input is “2245678” […]

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