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Single User: Turn off locking for Microsoft SQL Server

I’m running an upgrade script against a database hosted in Microsoft SQL Server. It’s taking a while. Some of the queries are not worth optimising any further, for various reasons. I’m the only person using this database: Is there a way that I can tell SQL Server to not bother with transactions/locking? For instance, on […]

Is there any tool available by which one can calculate (a)the size or a single row in sqlserver (b)the amount of traffic hitting the sqlserver

Is there any tool available by which one can calculate the size or a single row in sqlserver. This would really help in calculating the expected size of DB. Further one option can be to use sp_spaceused but it gives the details of the whole table… what we want is the size of a record […]

Unexpected estimated rows in query execution plan (Sql Server 2000)

if I run this query select user from largetable where largetable.user = 1155 (note I’m querying user just to reduce this to its simplest case) And look at the execution plan, an index seek is planned [largetable has an index on user], and the estimated rows is the correct 29. But if I do select […]

Looking for SQL Server Performance Monitor Tools

I may be approaching this problem from the wrong angle but what I’m thinking of is some kind of performance monitor tool for SQl server that works in a similar way to code performance tools, e.g. I;d like to see an output of how many times each stored procedure was called, average executuion time and […]

SQL Profiler and Tuning Advisor for Reporting Services – what events should be selected?

I’ve used the SQL Profiler to generate a trace file, and tuning advisor to take that trace file and provide some recommendations on db updates. However, the SQL Profiler doesn’t seem to track the queries when running against a Reporting Server, the profiler doesn’t seem to be capturing any of the queries. I’m logging the […]

Set of Tools to optimize the performance in general of SQL Server

I know there are things out there to help to optimize queries, ect… but is there anything else, something like a full package that can scan your database and highlight all the performance issues, naming conventions, tables not properly normalized, etc? I know this is the job of a DBA and if the DBA is […]

Performance of update statement inside DTS package

I have a DTS package, which after running daily with no problems for a couple of years, has started to play up. Originally it was inserting data into a table which would then fire an insert trigger. The trigger used [inserted] to update three columns in the table. Usually, it was updating about 500,000 rows […]

performance difference between exec of SP and running the statements

I am experiencing a huge performance difference when calling a stored procedure with EXEC (with parameters) or running the exact same statements inside the stored procedure separately in Management Studio. The EXEC is 3-4 times slower. What causes this?

Responsiveness/performance IIS web site

I am using a HttpModule in a IIS web site and fire 14,000 POST requests in 8 sec. that are inserted (logged) in a Sql server database (table without index). However only 1,200 requests are logged, apparantly all others are somehow missed and I dont’t know why. When I add Thread.Sleep(10) after UploadStringAsync(..) I miss […]

SQL Profiles showing high activity

I am running my application locally — ie. No external traffic and very low number of queries, fully under my control. I see tons of ‘Audit Login’ and ‘Audit Logout’ events. What are these and where are they actually stored (ie. Where is this audit log)? Are these a hint of a problem with connections, […]

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