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How can I split data from a second dataset in SSRS

I have two tables in SSRS. One holds the amount of insurance claims in a given month and one holds the amount of insurance complaints in a given month Each table is calculated by either =COUNT(Fields!Claims.Value) for claims and =COUNT(Fields!Complaints.Value) that is simple enough and is split over the current 10 months of a year […]

PowerBI: report execution time indicator

I have a problem similar to the one within this topic: SSRS: Showing the correct execution time on a two page report?. Well the problem is practically the same but the BI tool is different it’s not in Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder but in PowerBI. I have searched for something similar, some kind of […]

MDX Month To Date Year To Date Query

I’m trying to build a query which will retrieve values from a cube and build a month to date and year to date SSRS report based on the current date. I’m basically trying to build a report that should look something like this… Type Customer Product Group Quantity Shipped MTD Quantity Shipped YTD ===================================================================== OE […]

Implement web services using SSO and Custom Security for Reporting Service

Is there a way to implement web services using SSO and Custom Security for Reporting Service? I am inexperienced and I am afraid I couldn’t get into right direction if I keep reading without any insight. So, experts please give me a hand. My interested language to use is C#. I am using Sql server […]

How to Query SQL Server ReportServer to find Parent Child Reports

I am familiar with queries against the ReportServer database to find a list of reports, but I need something more tailored to find a list parent-child reports, or at least the child reports. I have an SSRS report whose output is like this: parent report output When the user clicks on the link, a second […]

Header in SSRS has overwrite the upper level

The code is working fine and able to display data… but, some data cause the date header to be brought up to the above header. and below the image…. i wonder is it the cause of the sql query, or ssrs when i formatting the tablix? I cannot get all codes here, link to sql […]

The selected data extension ORACLE is not installed or cannot be loaded

Our former SSRS base on Windows Server 2010 / SQL Server 2008 R2 / Oracle 11g 64 bit, to present data from Oracle database, it had been worked fine. After we updated to Windows Server 2012 / SQL Server 2016 / Oracle 12 ODAC 64, then some reports with many parameters, when running show error […]

SSRS 2016 Upgrade – Cannot print from Report Viewer Control RSClientPrint.cab missing

I recently upgraded a report server to SSRS 2016 and am running into issues getting my reports to print in the “Report Viewer Control” in applications that are using Report Viewer 2015. The reports generate and all functionality seems to work within the viewer other than the print. I get the following error when I […]

How to modify data during bulk insert from .csv files

Every 10 minutes I get a .csv file from an external partner, that I need to insert into a SQL database. The goal is that I afterwards can make a report that shows a graph with temperature during a date interval where I can see how the temperature was during the day where the x-axis […]

SSRS chart labels

I need some help figuring out how to accurately display the labels in a stacked chart in SSRS; I need a single represenation of the upper stack in the below chart. The chart itself has two states, it can either be based on red or green data, both are in the same data source. At […]

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