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SQL Server Reporting Services Custom Page Layouts

Would it be possible to define layouts depending on the report type? ie. The layout size for PDFs would be different from the web layout. Let’s say we publish the report to the web. The user has the option of exporting this custom report to PDF. We want to be able to specify how the […]

SSRS Report toolbar format appears stretched out

SSRS Report is pushed to the server and in some cases it appears like this: This is how we want it to appear: and other cases looks like this: (not how we want it to appear) There isn’t anything I’m setting that I am consciously aware of and I can’t figure out how/where to change […]

Count the number of distinct values in a column – SSRS

Is it possible to have the summary below in one textbox within the same column: Apple Banana Apple Banana Banana Orange Output: Apple: 2 Banana: 3 Orange: 1

A T-SQL query executes in 15s on sql 2005, but hangs in SSRS (no changes)?

When I execute a T-SQL query it executes in 15s on sql 2005. SSRS was working fine until yesterday. I had to crash it after 30min. I made no changes to anything in SSRS. Any ideas? Where do I start looking?

SSRS not working from remote locations

I have couple of reports that I developed and are sitting on http//localhost/reports. I have everything else set up, including Sql Server 2005 Config Tools. The reports run fine when I run them on my own machine, where IIS and Sql Server 2005 are both loaded. But they don’t work when I try from other […]

Development standards for SQL Server supporting services?

I am trying to find some development best practises for SQL Server Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services. Does anyone have some useful links or guidance they can offer on this subject?

SQL/Report Builder – Report to return data based on certain multple month entries

I need to create a report that returns a range of data, based on an open date and any records opened within a month for each previous quarter. So if I was to run the report at the start of August – it would show records which have an open date within May, Feb, November, […]

Sql Server Reporting wrap output rows

With Sql Server Reporting Services I would like to generate a report with line details for some orders like this: Order Details 2315 1×5432 Apple Tree, 9×912 Roses, 1×13 Spade 2316 3×12 Lawn grass How could I do that most effectively, either with transact sql or by using something built into Reporting Services? (I might […]

Diaplaying SSMS standard report in your web application

SSMS 2005 & 2008 comes with inbuilt standard reports. How can we display these standard reports inside a asp.net web site?

recycle time reporting service

by default the recycle time for reporting service is 720 minutes (12 hours). It is the reportserver.config file 720 Now it happens every 2 o’clock. so consequently, it happens twice a day 2 AM and 2 PM. Now the problem is we cannot have it recycled during business hours (2 PM). how do I set […]

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