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Upgrading DTS packages to SSIS Packages

My question is similar to Upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 or 2008 – DTS to SSIS but I have a few restrictions that I’d like the community to consider. We have two databases that currently run on SQL Server 2000 and we are being pushed to move off of this in favor of SQL […]

insert data in increments

Does anyone know how to insert data into a table in increments of about 1000? I have a table with thousands of records that I want to insert into an identical table on a different server.

sql server 2005 reporting services— how to use multiple datasets in report

I’m new to SQL Server reporting services, and am trying to decipher an existing report. It’s nothing too bad, but I notice it does have two report datasets defined. (They are generated via separate stored procedures) I’m trying to figure out where and how the report datasets are linked together so the Fields collection has […]

Sql Server Object Organisation

OK I’m not sure if this is valid, however I have a bug bear with SQL Server, and that is that I cannot organise objects in to a group of objects. Imagine I’m working on a new section of work in a large database and I perhaps have 15 objects that I will be regularly […]

How to get the list of java processes along with their PID(process id) that are running on UAT server under a specfic account?

Problem: A jar file was failed to deploy on a UAT server. Reason: Because when we are trying to rename it,it is showing “cannot rename the file it is been used by another user”. step choosen in order to solve the problem log on UAT server(xxx). we need the list of java processes along with […]

TSQL- Rollup SQL 2005

I have the following example code: create table Details( name varchar(20), age int, weight int, recordDate Datetime) –insert data ..query: SELECT a.name, a.age, a.recordDate, a.weight – (SELECT b.weight FROM Details WHERE b.recordDate = dateadd(dd, -1, a.recordDate) as subtable) FROM Details a GROUP BY WITH ROLLUP (a.recordDate, a.name, a.age) I want to see the weight difference […]

SQL Server 2005 – Inserting records using OpenXML vs delimited string

I have a bunch of employee names which need to be inserted in a table. Should I represent my data like this and use OpenXML to insert into the database:- <Employees> <Employee> Emp1 </Employee> <Employee> Emp2 </Employee> <Employee> Emp2 </Employee> </Employees> OR I should represent the Employee like Emp1,Emp2,Emp3, split the string, add to a […]

Passing an array of values to a stored procedure in SQL 2005

Possible Duplicate: T-SQL stored procedure that accepts multiple Id values Does T-SQL accomodate for array values as parameters for stored procedures? If so how can this be achieved.

Looking for SQL count performance improvements.

I’m refactoring some older SQL, which is struggling after 4 years and 1.7m rows of data. Is there a way to improve the following MS SQL Query: SELECT ServiceGetDayRange_1.[Display Start Date], SUM (CASE WHEN Calls.line_date BETWEEN [Start Date] AND [End Date] THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS PerDayCount FROM dbo.ServiceGetDayRange(GETUTCDATE(), 30, @standardBias, @daylightBias, @DST_startMonth, @DST_endMonth, […]

Large table with no rows?

I have a Sql Server 2005 database that contains many tables which are taking up a large amount of space (combined over 10 GB), and these tables have no rows in them. I can see the space and row count with right-click, properties (Data space and row count items). Any ideas?

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