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SQL Server: How to create a temp table with unkown columns dataype/names?

I need to make a query on multiple databases. I got the part for building the query for every database but now i need to put the result in something for each query then i can return it. @requete is a query ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[RequeteMultiBd] @requete varchar(max) AS BEGIN –get server + database name select […]

Slim but long SQL Server 2005 Table

I have an SQL table with the following structure: Code1 – int Code2 – int Val1 – real Val2 – real Val3 – real There is only one index (clustered) were Code1 is the first indexed column and Code2 is the second. The size of a single record is 20bytes. I need to be able […]

Database Mirroring and Logshipping

I have setup both mirroring and and log shipping on 8 databases of about 10 GB each size on same instance, but now when I want to mirror another database it very long to display the Database Properties page. Any suggestion for this problem.

sql server udf, return the same type as the input expression

is it possible for a udf to return the same data type as one of its parameters? i would like my udf to accept a decimal of any precision and scale and return the same type.

Transactional replication

What is the maximum number of publishers one can create on one Database on that same database server itself? Also, Vice – versa , What is the maximum number of subscribers one can create on one Database on that same database server itself?

SQL Server Subscription Initialization Restarts Endlessly, Never Finishes

I’m trying to set up transactional pull replication on 2 SQL Server 2005 instances, through a 3rd as a distributor. When the subscription is being initialized, it bulk inserts properly, giving the message that the snapshot was successfully loaded. Then it makes primary key indexes as usual. At this point the job starts over, dropping […]

Linq for sql server reporting services, is it possible?

Is it possible to use my existing Linq data model for server side reporting (sql server 2005 reporting services)?

Can a BCP version 8.0 format file have a column name that is a SQL keyword?

I have a format file where I want one of the columns to be “group”. I’m auto-generating the format file and a client wants to upload a file with “group” as one of the columns. I could restrict it so they can’t use SQL keywords, but then I need a function to determine if a […]

Table valued function only returns CLR error

I have read-only access to a database that was set up for a third-party, closed-source app. Once group of (hopefully) useful table functions only returns the error: Failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime (CLR) v2.0.50727 with HRESULT 0x80131522. You need to restart SQL server to use CLR integration features. (severity 16) But in theory, […]

Transacation Log Backup

How can i check with SQL query whether transction log backup every 15 minutes JOB is created or not ? Thanx in advance.

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