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SQL – Row size issue in SQL Server 2012 but not in 2014 version onwards

I am facing an issue while altering a column datatype. This issue is related to maximum allowable table row size. I have gone through lot of posts around this and tried to understand the row size concept and related things. As I understand, RowOverflow issue is fixed post SQL 2005 for variable length datatypes. But […]

SQL Server Dynamic Search Based on Stored Search Parameters

I have to create a dynamic search. The search criteria is stored in tables and there is a main table for the stored records. Here is the structure: –Main Table. This table stores records of a user. Basically we store files in this table. Each file is associated with a single city. DECLARE @Records TABLE( […]

Unable to save SQL Server maintenance plan

We have a maintenance plan for backing up databases and I need to change the destination filepath. When I open the plan in SSMS and make the changes then hit save, I get a message that says You are about to save maintenance plan “mtpblah” in a new format. Earlier versions of SQL Server Tools […]

Passing values dynamically from config file to sql Query – SSIS

I have developed a SSIS Package in which I am using a SQL task. The .SQL file is being picked up from a particular folder in my file system. My SQL Script is creating a database and creating some SQL logins. I need to pass the username/login name dynamically through config file in my .SQL […]

need to calculate sum between rows

I need help for below logic, I have tried my end but not able to resolve this issue. My Input table as below: Months Amount Dec-15 720030 Jan-16 763236 Feb-16 795555 Mar-16 829252 Apr-16 856052 I need to calculate value as below and it will dynamic, because Months will increase based on current date.Output: +———————————————————+ […]

Every day, in a different time, there is no possibility to connect to SQL Server Express

The issue: every day, in a different time, there is no possibility to connect to SQL Server. 2 days ago we’ve migrated to new server (from win server 2008 r2 to win server 2012 r2) on the old win server 2008 everything worked fine and we have the same SQL Server congfiguration setting for the […]

How to show output for group of people instead of single individual?

I have written this code to show the FEE PAID, PENDING etc for an individual student but actually it was supposed to be for the whole class of students. I tried a lot but can’t do it for the whole class. How to do this ? Ignore @studentID, I just want it for @ClassID. ALTER […]

What version of VS do I need to deploy to BizTalk 2013 R2 on a SQL Server 2012 database?

I am developing with BizTalk for the first time. I have created an extremely basic project in VS2103 which builds but fails to deploy with the output: error DEPLOY: The database or the database version is incompatible with the installed version of this product. The BizTalk installation is BizTalk 2013 R2 on a SQL Server […]

Enabling generation of non-clustered indexes on subscription database for SQL Server 2012 transactional replication

We have a SQL script that we use to create a publication and its articles, along with a pull subscription. It’s pretty basic, as we don’t explicitly exclude any articles, rather take them all across to the subscriber (a database used for queries that our reporting uses, to prevent excessive load on the application db). […]

restore-sqldatabase report status during restore

Is there any way to get the Restore_Database command to report status during execution? My database is small and I’d like to record output to a text file. I think I saw a green status bar that is not what I’m looking for. Is there no switch on the cmdlet or way to track the […]

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