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SSRS BIDS 2008 Reporting Drop Down menu

Is it possible to add a drop down list in BIDS so that the user can select for example a Department Section from a long list of around 150 and then once selected drill through to a report containing data on that, i would simply produce a report with parameters however I do not want […]

Simple.Data Error Selecting More Than 100 Rows

I’m playing around with using Simple.Data for my next project, and ran across something that seems like a bug. If I try to use the All or FindAll function for a table and the result set is more than about 100 rows (sometimes I can get 101 or 102, but I have never gotten 103), […]

Wiggle out of SQL Server database timeout in transactional WCF operations

I would like to pick your brain on how I can wiggle out of an SQL Server timeout scenario. For demonstration purposes, I have two (self describing) WCF services, UserService and AuthorizationService. I have an operation CreateUser() in UserService and AssignRole() in AuthorizationService. Both operations either start a transaction if none exists or join a […]

I dont want my object to know about my business layer – so how to load it?

I posted this: Object depending on another object – when to load its properties After reading this and researching some more I’ve come to realize that lazy loading would be ideal for my situation. However, some background info. The class I posted Department gets its properties data from a database (Sql Server 2k5). Its your […]

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'

why this error comes? I am using windows authentication. But i am getting error Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’ can any one help me in this how to solve this problem?

On Views and Indexes (SQL Server 2008 R2)

I have created a series of views that operate on a fairly large table. The table has been properly indexed and the performance is entirely sufficient. I would like to add an additional layer of views to the DB that are effectively views of views. What I want to know is whether SQL Server is […]

Using timestamp from sqlserver in entity framework to only get changes rather then reloading whole table/view

I would like to have optimized version of my WinForms C# based application for slower connections. For this reason I wanted to introduce timestamp column into all tables (that change) and load most of things the first time it’s needed and then just read updates/inserts/deletes that could have been done by other people using application. […]

COUNT and GROUP BY in SQL Server

I have this query and it does a couple of joins, but I want to do a Count and the way it is now it gives a count of 1 for everyone. What am I doing wrong to make it so it actually Counts? Thanks! SELECT UserColder.ContactName, CountryUser.[User ID], COUNT(Country.Name) As num, Country.Name, Country.ID FROM […]

I need time from a table in SQL Server

AS SELECT TOP 50 * FROM dbo.Ritten WHERE (Status = 0)and (Afgemeld = 0) ORDER BY CAST(Datum AS date),Tijd Output = 13:30:00.0000000 I need this = 13:30

TSQL: How to update xml field from value from xml from other table?

I have two (somehow related) tables with XML fields. The problem is I have to update XML of the first with data from XML of the second. Over 100 records. How to do this with TSQL? I’ve created something like this. UPDATE [pwi_new].[dbo].[art] SET rest.modify(‘ replace value of (/root/e[k=”alien_id”]/v[1]/text())[1] with sql:column(“new.rest.value( ”(/root/e[k=”alien_id”/v)[1]”,”varchar(max)”) “) ‘) FROM […]

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