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issues with connection to MS SQL connectionstring at GoDaddy

I am trying to add connection string in GoDaddy hosting. I am using MS SQL server database. I am getting 404 error when trying to enter the website. When I upload simple site with no sql database and connection – the simple site works good. I am not sure what to do… I am giving […]

SQL Server – Is there any way or any global event where I can write Insert SQL?

I want to track each and every execution event of all the stored procedures of a database, So Is there any way or any global event where I can write SQL to insert record into a table along with stored procedure name or object id? There are so many stored procedures in my database and […]

Trap SQL Failover Exceptions

I am utilizing the NuGet package Polly to implement retry logic that traps Failover SQL Exceptions. I have a SQL Server Always On High Availability set up in Azure. Rather than trap all SQL Exceptions (which would be incorrect), I want to trap specific SQL Exceptions that happen when a failover occurs. From SSMS, I […]

Find JSON Schema in SQL Server

I have JSON in a field, but I need to check it’s schema before I process it. I need to know if anything has been added or removed from the schema. Is there a way to extract the JSON schema from a JSON string so I can compare it to a known schema? An online […]

An error of SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, “failed to retrieve ProductVersions for package”

I try to uninstall SQL Server 2008 R2 enterprise and I get this error:

Temp Table behavior with stored procedures

SQL Server 2008 I create a local temp table in a stored procedure that then calls another stored procedure that ALTERs the temp table by adding columns to it. SELECT * behaves as expected/desired in both the calling and the called stored procedure: the modified table columns are returned. However, if I attempt to SELECT […]

Cross Joined trigger on insert and update. Having issues matching rows and column from C#

I have Costumers table and Costumers_update table. I have created a trigger that Cross Joins the fields from Costumers table to Costumers_update table. I’m trying to match the rows and columns properly but I get mismatches all over the place when I do a SELECT query from C# on my winform. The intentions of the […]

Create Dynamic Table to use on Index from Stored Procedure Yii2

I have stored procedure to create a dynamic view on Index Yii2 Here is the code generated from stored procedure and this is my index When I clicked button Cari(Find), the code from stored procedure will shows on my index. How did I do that ?

SQL Sum function with When- Case Statement

I use SUM function in when case statement when I did wrong solution only [TOTALTesellum] . What can I do here is my SQL code SELECT CUS.NAME AS [Tedarikçi], GOOD.NAME AS [Ürün] , SUM(CASE WHEN PDET.ORDERDATE <= GETDATE() THEN PDET.COUNT ELSE 0 END) AS[Haftalık Sipariş], SUM(CASE WHEN PDET.COUNT IS NOT NULL THEN PDET.COUNT ELSE 0 […]

Data Table with Current Week and Those Dates One Year Ago

I’m trying to create one sql table with the current week’s data (always changing) as well as those dates data from the previous year. I have multiple tables that I have to join but am not sure how to create it all into one table. Here is what I have so far: ——- CURRENT YEAR […]

MS SQL Server is a Microsoft SQL Database product, include sql server standard, sql server management studio, sql server express and so on.