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Error 3021 “No current Record”

I have an Access file that sits in a folder. That the folder is linked to the company’s server. Which means that the Access file can be accessed through every computer in the company. The problem that i have is that, while i am able to log into the access file from one computer, when […]

Permission Error using SQL Server and Integrated Security

I have a windows service (.NET) that is running with as a domain user, which has full permissions on needed database resources and filesystem. The service calls a procedure which invokes a bulk insert statement in SQL Server. The service is run with integrated security, the account has been granted login as service rights. However, […]

SSIS integrated with SQL Agent

I am trying to run an SSIS job with SQL Agent job (Management Studio 2016). The SSIS job is as follows Source: Oracle to Destination: Excel file on another a shared folder(network). Without setting up a proxy ( it failed on me several times) I am getting this message. 1: Config file is also attached […]

I'm having issue with data insertion through mssql

I am trying to perform data insertion in php through mssql. But my problem is when I’m running my code using mysql it’s working perfectly fine, but when I’m using mssql it’s showing me error. Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\loginphp\register.php on line 52 Error: Array Here is screenshot of my data insertion query. […]

DENYed user wasn't denied – is this a parallel query processing issue?

I’m experiencing with permissions in SQL Server, and followed along the lines in this tutorial: Creating a Login and a User, Then GRANTing the user a SELECT permission Testing a SELECT query while impersonating as that user REVERT, and then DENYing that user the SELECT permission Again impersonating as that user and proofing SELECT doesn’t […]

Azure MSSQL Database Memory Optimization Error

I am using MSSQL Database in Azure, S0 Standard tier. I wanted to try the memory optimization for faster performance. If I try it by creating a new database by creating tables, the error I get is: Msg 155, Level 15, State 1, Line 39 ‘MEMORY_OPTIMIZED’ is not a recognized CREATE TABLE option. And if […]

Insert data into temporary table from dynamic query table output

I have the below dynamic query run in SQL Server, connecting to an OLAP server using a linked server, which returns a table as a result. SET @nSQL = EXECUTE (‘SELECT non empty { [Coded Season].[Coded Season].[Coded Season] * [Season].[Season].[Season] * [Product].[Subclass].[Subclass] * [Product].[Subclass Id].[Subclass Id] } ON ROWS,{ [Measures].[Pl No of Range Opts] } […]

SQL loop with python and pyodbc

I want to create a query loop, which do interativ steps from one instance to the next. After fetching the right data i will do some calculation and write the new information back in the date base with specific relations. Example Set up Firt loop = [Aggregation Level](1, 2, 3) Second loop = Product(A, B, […]

Table Difference component failed with 'System.OutOfMemoryException'

I have a package that loads data from a SQL server source. After extracting records it will determine the differences between source and target using ‘table difference component’. It’s a daily running package. Most of the days this will run fine but some days the package fails and gives the following error message: Source: DFT_STG_APR_Activity_Aud_Members […]

Sql Server strange execution plan choices

I have a query on sql server 2012 sp3 which is built dynamically through an application. I have noticed a case where it runs slow due to insufficient execution plan and I am trying to figure out the problem. In this case the query that is being built has the following form Select some columns […]

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