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Bulk insert task fails, BUT actually succeeds?

I made a simple bulk task to load data from a 3-4 kb csv (.txt) file. All the data is loaded correctly and yet SSIS shows that its failed. I don’t get it. Why ? The so-called error is – [Bulk Insert Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: “Bulk load data […]

I'm using SUBSTRING to isolate the text “AUG” from a flat file record. How can I convert that to “08”?

I am using SSIS to create a data flow that imports a flat file into a database table. One of the transformations that needs to be done is to convert the date in the flat file which is formatted like “30AUG2013” to a datetime datatype format that can be written into the table. I believe […]

SQL Server Agent job not running package

I have an SSIS package that I have deployed to the file system. The owner for the package is my Windows Login. The reason for this is that it needs to write files to another server. If I make the owner NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT the error that I get is that the files on the remote […]

Not able to Deploy the SSIS Project to SQL Server

I have installed integration services without any issues but not able to deploy the SSIS projects to SQL Server, If I try to connect integration services using object explorer I can connect without any issues. I have given the permissions to the users on Integration services using Dcomcnfg.exe. Please help me to resolve the deploying […]

How to remove special charectors in a table dynamically

Hi I want to remove special characters from my table i am trying with a stored proc can any of you guys suggest a better way of approach. i want to remove only certain special characters like ?,’,”,# and still my date have $ or some other symbols. CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[ScrubData] ( @TableName Varchar(100) ) […]

SSIS Lookup transformation including whitespace

For some reason, the SSIS Lookup transformation seems to be checking the cache for a NCHAR(128) value instead of a NVARCHAR(128) value. This results in a whole bunch of appended whitespace on the value being looked up and causes the lookup to fail to find a match. On the Lookup transformation, I configured it to […]

Increase performance of SSIS Package dumping data from Excel to SQL Server table

I have created an SSIS Package that dumps data from Excel file to SQL Server table. The package is simply having 2 tasks: Script Component Task & OLE DB Destination Please find below the code i have added in the script task: /* Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Script Component * Write scripts using Microsoft […]

Cannot extract DATE from SSIS 2008 OLEDB Source

I am trying to simply extract data from sql server which supports DATE and dump it (without changes) into a SQL server which does not support DATE, but supports DATETIME. Now, my SSIS package uses only one data flow task with oledb source and destination. The source task executes SQL to fetch data. The source […]

SQL Match and Replace

I have to update a table in my sql server with data from an excel sheet It is a lot of parts I need to update and I need to update two columns in a 12 column table. What would be the easiest way doing this? I was thinking access? I tried to do a […]

SSIS Not saving correct Month and Day fields from CSV file

I have a flat file that I intend to import into a table via SSIS. The file has a field with dates in the format “d/mm/yyyy”. These dates eventually get stored into the Database as “yyyy/mm/dd”. I know this because I run a datepart sql query on the table data to find out. I have […]

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