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SSIS – ETL – Transfer tables/databases from many servers?

I have 6-7 identical databases (almost). I want to copy the data from some of the tables of EACH of these servers into the corresponding table of ONE server. That is, multiple sources and one destination server. All the servers have different IPs. How do I do this task ? Would for loop be appropriate […]

Why does my SSIS package fail with filesystem permission error when run from the Integration Services Catalog

I have an SSIS package that accesses a folder on a network share. If I run this package as part of a SQL Agent Job, it succeeds. If I run this package directly from the SSIS Integration Catalog (Right Click and execute) on my development PC, it fails with a permission error . If I […]

Windows Event Log Access from SSIS package run in SQL Agent Job

I have created an SSIS package that will be deployed to client SQL installations (2005, 2008 or 2008 R2) to perform data extracts which provide a support tool for our product. The deployment process requires that a Windows AD account (normal user, no elevated privileges) is created as this is used as a service account […]

SQL Server 2016 SSIS get cursor from stored procedure

I am using SQL Server 2016. I have a stored procedure GET_RECORDS that takes input parameters for filter and outputs a CURSOR parameter I want to get this cursor in my SSIS package I had created data flow task, OleDb source and variables for parameter values. Then mapped parameters Params mapping screen but when I […]

SSIS – Matching CSV file to control file before loading to destination

I have a daily CSV file to load to the destination table. However, before the loading occurs, a check has to be performed. The control csv file has a date column as well as a record count column. The check is basically to have the record count column match the number of columns on the […]

Pull data from Redshift

We want to pull data from Redshift database into SQL Server. Currently, we are using SQL Workbench to analyze Redshift database. We referred the following link – Connect Your Cluster By using SQL Workbench Here we used – RedshiftJDBC41- driver to connect. Now we want to push this data to DWH in SQL Server 2016. […]

Is there a way to easily change the server name on several SSIS packages programmatically?

We are creating several SSIS packages to migrate a large database as part of a release cycle. We may end up with about 5-10 SSIS packages. As we have 4 environments (dev, QA, staging, production, etc.), is there an efficient way to change the destination server for each SSIS package as they go through the […]

SQL Agent Command Line Not Saved

I have a SSIS package I am trying to schedule. I create a new job under SQL Server Agent. On the Command line tab of the jobstep, I choose “Edit the command-line manually”. The changes are retained as I switch from tab to tab within the job step but whenever I exit and save the […]

Query a website in SSIS

Is there any way to script SSIS to reach out to a website, input data in a search field, and then return the results? I am trying to get the latitude and longitude of postal codes as it goes through the SSIS package. Here is the website I was thinking of using: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/geocode Is this […]

Default Buffer Max Size and Default Buffer Size in SSIS

Is there any relationship between Default Buffer Max rows and Default Buffer Size in SSIS. How to supply values to these property parameters? I mean is there any propossionality in between these ?If I double the buffer size double then can i also have to make the max rows to double? ssis experts please answer.. […]

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