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Parser NULL (DTEParseMgd) error when trying to set up SSIS package job

Whenever I try to set up a SQL Server Integration Services Package job (through the SSIS Catalog within SSMS), I get the error Parser NULL (DTEParseMgd). The version of the SQL server is “Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP1-GDR) (KB3210089) – 13.0.4202.2 (X64) Dec 13 2016 05:22:44” Here is a screenshot of that message: Error screenshot […]

SSIS package fast in visual studio but slow in SQL Agent job

I’ve developed a SSIS package in which I have a data flow task that inserts data from one table to another (with a left outer join) in a sql server 2014 Data Base. When I run it from Visual Studio “manually” it runs in approx 1 minute. I have a job scheduled to run twice […]

End Date does not update for SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2

I choose Historical attribute as change type for address,city and state columns. I choose Use start and end dates to identify current and expired records option to use the start and End dates. However, when address or city changes, it always come outs as new update and the end_date does not change. Can anyone know […]

SQL Server : script automation help needed

I am using SQL Server 2012, and I have to automate some task (scripts). This task is a weekly task I am doing every Friday. It consist of executing manually (pressing F5) a bunch of truncates and select + inserts. I can not show you the code because is sensitive and I would be fired […]

SSIS Oracle 32 bit error “Invalid access to memory location.”

My SSIS extracts data from Oracle DB and loads into the excel file. I am running this package via SQL Job. Now to use Excel providers I have to use 32 bit environment. So I’ve changed the SQL JOB execution to “Use 32bit runtime”. But now my oracle task is failing with error “Invalid access […]

trying to retrieve info from dtsx xml file

I’m trying to pull specific values out of the executable objects in dtsx. I want things like SQLStatementSource, ObjectName, and Connection. I can’t seem to do it. I’m using XMLDocument and GetElementsByTagName. Here is my whole code, With DTS:ObjectData, I can get something to return. If I used anything with SQLStatementSource in it, I get […]

Execute Process Task Bpmbs

I have an SSIS package that reads from a spreadsheet and writes out to a CSV file. I also need to have a header record as the first record with the number of records that were processed. I have the 2 data flows to create the output file (,csv) and the header record (.txt).I renamed […]

Need help picking up and moving a file with a dynamic name

I am trying to move a backup file that is created every morning from its current location to a shared network location but can not figure out how to code for dynamic dates in SQL. Ex: The file is called my.file03232017130.bak and every day a new file will be saved with the same name except […]

SQL Server Integration Services 14 – Only insert if no exists

This question already has an answer here: Finding updated records in SSIS — to hash or not to hash? 1 answer

SQL Server Agent configuration

Could anybody assist me on how could I possibly configure the SQL Server Agent for my local system (laptop)? It doesn’t appear under SSMS Object Explorer. Been to the SQL Server Config Manager > SQL Server Services > SQL Server Agent > Properties… After that I’m confused.

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