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SSIS Programmatic Package Validate/Run Issue

I’ve posted the same question on MSDN [https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/6cd447d8-21e5-44be-aee6-ad6bdcaac40f/programmatically-created-package-having-difficulties-running?forum=sqlintegrationservices] and I’m hoping someone over here might be able to help. — here’s the question — I am trying to create a simple SSIS task to load data from a SQL Server table (with one int column called [num]) to an Oracle table (with one NUMBER column […]

Deleting sql snapshots in SSIS

I have two different scripts, one created by me and one by my collegue, that is using the same snapshots. 16.00 (or 4 PM) Coded by me. Script 1 – deletes snapshots if they are there, creates new snapshots – executes code. 04.00 (or 4 AM) Coded by Collegue Script 2 – deletes snapshots if […]

“The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data

I am using SSIS package to read the excel file to Import records . We are having to server’s App server and DB server . In app server i used to Upload a file . we did a folder as shared folder . I am able to see the files in the folder on DB […]

how to pick the first file first from specific folder using for each in SSIS

This question already has an answer here: Import most recent csv file to sql server in ssis 3 answers

SSIS package breaks accented characters on SELECT

I have a SQL Server SSIS package that inserts data in a table according to data in another table. The thing is this job breaks the accents of the varchar data in the process. I suppose it has something to do with encoding. Simplified, my package does the following : Select data with an OLE […]

Looping in SSIS via source tables

we have a DB server that contains multiple instances of the same database. All databases are enumerated (e.g. MyDB001 to MyDB006). All instances have the same tables. For reporting purposes we would like to extract all these DBs to a single DB. Current solution is to have multiple connections in the SSIS – for each […]

How to add null value if a column doesn't exist

I have a package in my ETL that loops through 4 different databases, each with a copy of the same table. I found out that one of the four tables has one extra column named MTFvalue_Permit thus giving me the below error. My fact and staging tables, however, do include this column. I was hoping […]

SSIS Package Error – BULK INSERT “file does not exist”

I have a SSIS package. Inside it, are two Execute Package Task elements. The two packages are linked to run in order. Package One – downloads CSV file from external site (SalesForce.com) E:\SalesForce\MSSQL_Import\PricebookEntry.csv E: is a mapped network drive. Package Two – SQL task to BULK INSERT contents of CSV file into empty table. BULK […]

Passing values dynamically from config file to sql Query – SSIS

I have developed a SSIS Package in which I am using a SQL task. The .SQL file is being picked up from a particular folder in my file system. My SQL Script is creating a database and creating some SQL logins. I need to pass the username/login name dynamically through config file in my .SQL […]

SSIS: Transform data to fixed width text with variable rows

I’m trying to make a plain text with SSIS from a SQL select. The problem is that SSIS makes the file like a table, and I need it in a specific format. For example, I have this result: bill_id | concept |concept_type |amount | ———–|————|————-|——-| 334455 |concept1 |product |12 | 334455 |concept2 |product |10,5 | […]

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