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how to read a column with NULL value from a text file in SSIS as NULL and not have to replace it with something random

Its a simple task, and I have tried a few things which aren’t working, I am going to lay down all the trials here. TASK: Take data from a text file delimited by ‘,’ and move into an existing empty table in SQL Server. My source destination has the option “Retain null values….” checked. There […]

SSIS – Various number of columns to output to flat file

I am currently creating an SSIS that will gather data from database and output it to a single Comma delimited Flat File. The file will contain order details Format of file is Order#1 details (51 columns) Order#1 header (62 columns) Order#2 details (51 columns) Order#2 header (62 columns) etc… Order header has 62 columns, order […]

Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll SQL Server 2016 location

I installed SQL Server 2016 Dev with all items and options (included Client SDK). But Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll is missing. Where can I find the dll to reference this dll in a VB project?

Loading files with dynamically generated columns

I need to create a SSIS project that loads daily batches of 150 files into a SQL Server database. Each batch always contains the same 150 files and each file in the batch has a unique name. Also each file can either be a full or incremental type. Incremental files have one more column than […]

How can I measure the duration of a package execution?

I have an SSIS job that I would like to run from a procedure, and then, using the job start and job end date execute a select statement. Getting the job start time is easy- just save the current time from just before you call the job. How can I get the end tim? Can […]

Make Kingswaysoft truncate input data that is too long

I have an SSIS project that I’m using to automate pulling CRM data into a SQL Server Database using Kingswaysoft. These SSIS packages are autogenerated, so my solution to this issue needs to be compatible with that. The description field on Contact in CRM is a nvarchar(2000), but this CRM org still has old data, […]

How to fetch value from another row within the same data pipleline?

I have data loaded and various transformations on the data complete, the problem is there is a parent/child relationship managed in the data – best explained by an example each row has (column names are made up) row_key parent_row_key row_name parent_row_name some rows have row_key == parent_row_key (their own parent) some rows relate to another […]

How to execute a stored procedure which has its object name stored in a variable

I have a table which contains a column of stored procedures associated with each tuple. I have an Execute SQL Task which selects the procedure for the desired tuple and stores it in a variable. I then connect that to another Execute SQL Task which uses the statement EXEC ? and map the variable as […]

How execute an exe file with dynamic parameters within a loop

I have a database table with 20 columns and 40 rows. In the third column is an identifier that is unique. I have a .exe written in VB.NET that connects to a datasource and downloads a dataset depending on the identifier. So this VB.NET programm needs an input parameter. Now I want SSIS to loop […]

Automate SQL Script with Multiple Statement Types

I have a SQL script that works exactly as I want it to when I step through it line by line. At first, this was a viable option, but the script has gotten larger over time and stepping through it now sucks. I’ve tried to run the script as part of an SSIS package in […]

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