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Authentication in SSIS SMTP Connection Manager?

We have several asp.net web apps that send emails, and the MailMessage object is configured with an SMTP server, username and password. The emails are sent with no problems. In an SSIS package, I added an SMTP connection manager, and I configured the smtp server. I set UseWindowsAuthentication=True because I don’t see where I type […]

SQL Job sql ssis job ERROR: “the package failed to load due to error 0xC0010014 this occurs when CPackage::LoadFROMXML fails

I created a SSIS Project in SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2013 now I tried to deploy it as an sql job in sql server 2008. I move the .dstx file and .dtsConfig to another folder. After selecting the file in the server this error message pops up. The package failed to load […]

How to automate executing stored procedure in SSIS with random parameters and output to a CSV file

I have a stored procedure called sp1 to generate random parameters for another stored procedure called sp2, and sp1 uses output parameters and it can output three parameters which are p1, p2,and p3 and sp2 uses these three parameters to get executed. So, how should I execute the sp2 in SSIS using random parameters and […]

SSIS Alternatives to one-by-one update from RecordSet

I’m looking for a way to speed up the following process: I have a SSIS package that loads data from Excel files on a weekly basis to SQL Server. There are 3 fields: Brand, Date, Value. In the dataflow, I check for existing combinations of Brand+Date, and new combinations go to the table directly, the […]

How to change a Date Column into two separate columns

i have an excel file that and i want to extract the date from it and load it into a dimension table but as month and year only. I want to do this through an SSIS package. for example i have 6/15/2002 and i want to take only 6/2002 because in my dimension table i […]

SSIS – use stored variable in final OLE DB Destination step

I don’t have much SSIS experience, however, I like to use a variable that gets assigned in the Execute SQL Task step in the ole DB Destination step. I guess a bit like a scalar. Any pointers would be good. Thanks

how to read a column with NULL value from a text file in SSIS as NULL and not have to replace it with something random

Its a simple task, and I have tried a few things which aren’t working, I am going to lay down all the trials here. TASK: Take data from a text file delimited by ‘,’ and move into an existing empty table in SQL Server. My source destination has the option “Retain null values….” checked. There […]

SSIS – Various number of columns to output to flat file

I am currently creating an SSIS that will gather data from database and output it to a single Comma delimited Flat File. The file will contain order details Format of file is Order#1 details (51 columns) Order#1 header (62 columns) Order#2 details (51 columns) Order#2 header (62 columns) etc… Order header has 62 columns, order […]

Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll SQL Server 2016 location

I installed SQL Server 2016 Dev with all items and options (included Client SDK). But Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll is missing. Where can I find the dll to reference this dll in a VB project?

Loading files with dynamically generated columns

I need to create a SSIS project that loads daily batches of 150 files into a SQL Server database. Each batch always contains the same 150 files and each file in the batch has a unique name. Also each file can either be a full or incremental type. Incremental files have one more column than […]

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