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Datatype for Float in SSIS Package

I have issues with Float data type in SSIS Package. I used the data type Float [DT_R8]. Below are the screen shots. Here is the sample table. Customer 1020.29 101.2934 2092.125 2.092126 921.27 In SQL : Customer 102029 1012934 2092125 2092126 92127 What I’m I missing here. I read the other posts and used [DT_R8] […]

Executing SSIS package on SQL Server with a SQL Server authenticated user

I have deployed SSIS packages to SQL Server 2014. There I used a user created for the sole purpose to be a proxy for running the ssis packages over the SQL Server agent. This worked quite well until today. A coworker made some changes that were not logged what exactly he did and now whenever […]

SSIS script component *bug* – Column data type DT_DBDATE is not supported by the PipelineBuffer class

Does anyone know exactly why these types of issues happen using a script component that can be “fixed” by deleting and re add the same code to make fix this type of issue? Why would metadata change when you delete and re add code? what happens inside the engine when this happens? What kind of […]

Importing data from excel to sql server table using SSIS

I have created a basic package using excel as source and sql server database as destination. I have inserted 5 rows in excel and they are getting populated in sql server table without any error. when i add 2 new rows to the excel file, i want only those two newly added rows to be […]

How to export data from multiple .sql files in Folder to Excel in SSIS?

I have many .sql files in a folder that contains SQL SELECT data with Data Result. I wanna iterate all .sql files in my folder suppose I have 4 sql with all have SELECT statement. How to Export it to Excel in each files using OLE DB Connections? I’m still confusing use variable in Foreach […]

Conditional Split SSIS fails at runtime

I am using SQl Server 2012 and use the SSIS task Condition Split. In visual studio the Condition split works well, but when i deploy the package to SSIS and run it via SISSDB it fails during validation with the following message: Component “CS Contains Seperator in DU, clsid {7F88F654-4E20-4D14-84F4-AF9C925D3087}” could not be created and […]

SSIS dynamic connection to the source and destination.

Hi I want to create 1 SSIS packge that load excel file into a customer DB. I have 100 customers db’s and I also have evrey new week 100 excel files (All the DB’s and files have the same structure) the db’s name is the CustomerName and the excel file name is CustomerName_date. I want […]

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'rowguid'

I have a C# script in my SSIS package which manipulates two CSV files and writes another CSV file. The data from the new CSV files goes through a lookup match and is then updated in the SQL Server databases. The CSV files do not have the “rowguid” column, and my understanding was that SQL […]

SSDT Visual Studio 2013 – Same solution – reference a database project in SSIS project

SSIS 2014 SQL Server 2014 SSDT Visual Studio 2013 I have one solution with two projects under it IS.dtproj and DB.sqlproj. One for SSIS development and one for the related database development. Is it possible to reference the DB.sqlproj in the IS.dtproj project’s connection manager? Currently I can create connection manager on sql server database […]

Insert records into a table with a GUID and several additional columns?

I have a preparation table with 4 fields. Once the records are ready I use the sql script below to insert them into an existing table. It works great however I would like to watch this process in SSIS. Is this possible? All the fields below exist in the destination table, but only the 4 […]

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