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Powershell returns negative exit code while script results are correct

I have made the following PowerShell script: Set-Location D:\folder1\folder2\folder3\folder4; Get-ChildItem | Rename-Item -NewName {$_.BaseName.insert(19,’loadtime’) + (Get-Date -Format HHmm) + $_.Extension}; The goal is to rename a file by adding loadtime at position 19 and a time stamp. While the results of running the scripts the following error message is returned: Rename-Item : The input to […]

can not access sql server developer sp1 ssis from ssms

I am installing Sql server 2016 Sp1 developer on Azure VM Windows 2012 R2 datacenter. The database engine and analysis service (SSAS) are working proerpty however integration service (SSIS) is inaccessible even the service is running. The services are running: but I could not login from SSMS (run as Administrator). The message error is “The […]

Abnormal data validation in XML

I will be receiving some confidential employee data in XML with separate XSD. It will be injected into our SQL Server (2016) using SSIS. I was asked to edit the XSD schema as I want (for the data formats, i.e. change string to int, etc.). I wish I had some data validation, like if I […]

SSIS Job Statistics

I am trying to find out SSIS Job Statistics Like Jobs that are running per account (so how many and which jobs run from which system accounts vs which user accounts) If I am calling a SSIS package from SSISDB Catalog, then I should know which account is calling that package. IS it a SQL […]

SQL Server – add efficiency to this stored procedure

I inherited the following stored procedure from my company’s former DBA – it is meant to write records from a holding table (Transfer.CaptureSync) to a Production table (Data.Capture) based on certain conditions: USE [Production_Search] GO ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SyncDataFromHolding] AS BEGIN DECLARE @taskSourceId bigint, @syncBatch uniqueidentifier = newid() DECLARE curSources cursor FOR SELECT TaskSourceId FROM [Transfer].CaptureSync […]

Using results from a query/data source as a parameter in another query with SSIS

I’m looking for the best way to use the results from one query into another query, which uses a different server and database. I have to OLE DB sources set up. The first source will give me a list of 12 digit long numbers that I will need to use in my second query as […]

Using Chinese characters in SQL Server stored procedure

I have a stored procedure that is called by a SSIS package. This package calls many stored procedures, but this particular one is the only one causing issues. Basically, I am converting a column in a table from nchar to nvarchar and putting those values into another table. The values could be English, or they […]

loading excel data from sharepoint library to table using ssis

I have created a library in sharepoint.Inside the library I created sharepoint default columns like doctype,filename,modified,modifiedby,status. In filename column I have excel doc present.I want to load the excel data from this library to a table using SSIS Package.The number of columns in excel is same as table.

Upgrading DTS packages to SSIS Packages

My question is similar to Upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 or 2008 – DTS to SSIS but I have a few restrictions that I’d like the community to consider. We have two databases that currently run on SQL Server 2000 and we are being pushed to move off of this in favor of SQL […]

How to run a ssis package using a sql statement?

i’m using Sql Server 2008. There are options to run from command line. Is there a way to execute an ssis package using sql statement? -Vivek

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