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How to delete records that don't match by source table in SSIS using hashbytes

I need to load table from source to destination in SSIS. Table contains approx 1.5 million row. So far, I was able to insert new records into destination table that didnt match on ID column, and also update those rows that matched on ID but didnt match on HASHBYTES value. This is what I’ve done: […]

Bing Geocode API, SSIS, C# Script

I’m trying to replicate what I found here to use bing’s geocode API: https://sqlmd.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/using-the-ssis-scripting-task-to-geocode-addresses/ When I run what I have I get this error: Error: 0xFFFFFFFF at Get Lat Long Bing, Error:: Could not find default endpoint element that references contract ‘bing.geocode.IGeocodeService’ in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file […]

C# – Running a SSIS on a SQL Server from a wpf Application

I cannot seem to find any useful documentation for the specific situation i need. I am trying to Launch and pass variables into an SSIS package that is deployed on a sql server. In management studio the package can be found under Integration Services Catalog\SSISDB\IhsDataSync\Projects\LoadHeader\Packages\Package.dtsx. From the sources I have found it appears that I […]

SSIS 2012: Packages runs in SQL agent, not in BIDS or cmd-line

I have a development server that will run packages from SQL Agent (according to schedule, and manually via Job Activity Monitor), but not by running it from BIDS or by two different ways on the command-line. The error we get in BIDS is: 0xC0010026 at ACME Raise Error: The task has failed to load. The […]

SSIS Project won't execute in SQL Job

SQL 2014. I have deployed an SSIS project into SSISDB, the project consists of three packages. If I schedule a job to execute the three packages in the project, it doesn’t pickup the flat file to process. It finishes and thinks nothing is there to process. But, if I manually execute the first package (right […]

MSMQ and SSIS – Read messages & Write them to SQL table

Basically I want to read messages from MSMQ public queue and push them in to SQL Server table every 2 hours. So a separate application writes the messages to MSMQ server in this format, see below sample message (contains 2 fields): <?xml version=”1.0″?> <Person> <FirstName>John</FirstName> <LastName>Smith</LastName> </Person> Ideally I imagine an SSIS package (that a […]

ssis control flow execute sql vs data flow sql command

I have a stored procedure(sp_selectClient) having a cursor which is performing some insert operations in every iteration. In last statement of sp I selected the result from a table. Now I am creating a ssis package and I am new in this. I found the simplest way by adding Data Flow Task in Control Flow […]

SSIS packages are hanging while executing from SQL Server agent

I have some SSIS packages that are supposed to run daily as per schedule, 10 days back the jobs started as per schedule and are in running state until we stop them manually. We have the same packages and permission for jobs in both stage and production servers, the jobs are running fine in stage […]

SSIS 2005 Fuzzy grouping does not use the representative value for all grouped records

I am using fuzzy grouping to find the possible duplicate addresses in my dataset. I grouped records and everything was ok until I noticed that there is a potential issue in the grouping procedure that starts around a specific record. Indeed, the procedure seems to start making several mistakes. For example, if you look at […]

Write To Object Variable SSIS/C#

Using a Execute SQL Task I query a table with two columns. Lets suppose the result set contains columns Name and ProcessedFlag. Where name is a string, and ProcessFlag is a bit/boolean data type, with a default of 0. The result set is loaded into a Object Variable named Data. Using a for each loop, […]

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