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The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager failed with error code 0xC001A004

I use SQL Server 2014 and SSIS with Visual studio 2013. I need to make some changes in one OLTP database (Here it is my destination database) in several tables with one of my SSIS package, and some times that takes a lot of time to execute and during this time it locks some tables […]

SSIS in SQL 2014 running an Execute Process Task failing

Running a Cmd.exe inside an ETL Process Task and it’s failing with Exit code 1. If I run the command as the same user I’m running the SQL Agent job as outside of the ETL it’s running fine and giving Exit code 0. I’ve seen some DCOM errors in Event Viewer and Ive taken steps […]


I’m working creating a XML output from SQL Server 2008R2. Below the structure of the xml I want. (I will try to be clear as much as possible, but if you need more information, please let me know) Issue I’m having is with the node “RecordId”. This field has to be a running sequence throughout […]

Metadata could not be determined in SSIS OLEDB source

I am trying to use dynamic query inside OLEDB source, but getting “Metadata could not be determined” error which is usual. I used WITH RESULT SET (in SQL Server 2012) inside the Stored procedure to fix the issue, but the actual source is SQL Server 2005 where this fix is not working. Is there any […]

ssis package default Project variables

I have a dtsx package and I am looking at the xml in notepad++. Here is the part that I have a question about: <SQLTask:ParameterBinding SQLTask:ParameterName=”@ExecutionId” SQLTask:DtsVariableName=”User::ExecutionId” SQLTask:ParameterDirection=”Input” SQLTask:DataType=”11″ SQLTask:ParameterSize=”-1″ /> <SQLTask:ParameterBinding SQLTask:ParameterName=”@LogPackage” SQLTask:DtsVariableName=”System::PackageName” SQLTask:ParameterDirection=”Input” SQLTask:DataType=”16″ SQLTask:ParameterSize=”50″ /> <SQLTask:ParameterBinding SQLTask:ParameterName=”@LogTask” SQLTask:DtsVariableName=”System::TaskName” SQLTask:ParameterDirection=”Input” SQLTask:DataType=”16″ SQLTask:ParameterSize=”50″ /> <SQLTask:ParameterBinding SQLTask:ParameterName=”@LogTypeId ” SQLTask:DtsVariableName=”$Project::BASE_LogTypeInfoId” SQLTask:ParameterDirection=”Input” SQLTask:DataType=”11″ SQLTask:ParameterSize=”-1″ /> I get […]

SSIS to copy all databases

I need to copy all databases from server1 to Server2, i saw with SSIS is possible transfer objects with “Transfer SQL Database Task”, but it works just for one database. It’s possible coppy all databasses from server1 to server2 using SSIS ? Best Regards:

Day and month swapping only for single digits in SSIS

I have written an SSIS integration which fetches an employee and his expiry date. All the data is flowing correctly; however when a single digit day and month is present in expiry date, the destination column swaps the month and day (when the date has double unit for months or days its fine). Example: 07/08/2016 […]

To run SSIS package outside of SQL server Data Tools you must install File_creation of Integration services or higher

Getting this error while trying to run Package.dtsx from command file(.cmd). To run SSIS package outside of SQL server Data Tools you must install %File_creation% of Integration services or higher I’ve used package parameters & File System Tasks in the package. I used below script in command file. DTEXEC /FILE “F:\SOME FOLDER\Package.dtsx” /CONFIGFILE “F:\SOME FOLDER\PackagedtsConfig” […]

SSIS : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

I have developed new DTSX package in SSDT and it’s executing fine when i run it through the SSDT window. Same package i am trying to execute from the calling application (.EXE) using below code and it gives Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” error. Guide me in finding out the […]

SSIS DQS Cleansing Task stuck randomly

I have a number of packages that are running Data Quality check for some of our customer data. At times, the DQS task will be stuck in one of the packages randomly. There is no pattern how it gets stuck. Sometimes restarting the SQL Server works, sometimes not. When a task is stuck, the CPU […]

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