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SSDT-BI SSIS in x64?

I run Visual Studio 2012 and I’m new to SSIS. I attempted to install SSDT-BI (June 2013 version) in order to research SSIS, but I was unable to complete the install with my default instance because the architectures don’t match–my server is x64 while the installer is x86. There doesn’t appear to be an x64 […]

'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.16.0' provider is not registered on the local machine. (System.Data)

I get this error when I try to connect to any excel through MSSQL Server Data Import i.e. SSIS package The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.16.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. (System.Data) It is not the same version I think some other patching is needed

SSIS Excel Connection Manager failed to Connect to the Source

I have a server that is capable of creating and running an Excel Import task using the Import Wizard. I am trying to automate that process by using a visual Studio 2010 Integration Services package, that I am developing on that server. The problem happens when trying to design the package. I have added an […]

Debugging in SSIS

How do I debug .NET code written within a script task in a SSIS package? The development environment allows placing a breakpoint however does not take me to the code like it would in regular .NET programming while debugging. Also, I am at a loss to understand how to add the SSIS package variables to […]

How to create an SQL table and and populate it with Excel spreadsheet data?

Is there an easy way to create a table in SQL Server (2005) from an Excel spreadsheet. I’m thinking maybe some tool? Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to use relative paths for SSIS packages dtsConfig files?

I am trying to make our SQL Server Integration Services packages as portable as possible and the one thing that is preventing that is that the path to the config is always an absolute path, which makes testing and deployment a headache. Are there any suggestions for making this more manageble? Another issue is when […]

SSIS Foreach Loop: map image variable to which SSIS type?

I’m looping over an ADO recordset using a ForEach Loop Container in SSIS 2008. The recordset contains a column of IMAGE data type, which I mapped to a variable of object type. Then, I have an Execute SQL task for inserting data from the loop, but I can’t figure out to which data type of […]

Set multiple row delimiters in Flat File Connection

We can set a row delimiter for a Flat File Connection in SSIS.but the question is how to set multiple row delimiters for a Flat File Connection to not using Script Component for this? for example for a text file containing this string: The quick brown fox, jumped over the lazy dogs. I want to […]

SQL job result in c#

I have this small code using SQL Server Agent to Run a Remote Package Programmatically on the Server. But the problem with the code is that even if the job out come is failure, but job was executed successfully. so this program always works fine. I want to know if I can actually capture the […]

Using Excel source on a machine without excel installed in SSIS

I have made an SSIS package that uses the Excel source to extract data from an Excel 2003 file and inserts it into SQL Server. When executed on production machine it gives and error of ‘productleveltoolow’. Excel is not installed on the server. Can this error be due to this reason?

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