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Unable to switch account in “NET USE” command under SQL SERVER AGENT

Our team is working on an SSIS package in which we need to access a SharePoint library to read Excel files. At very beginning of the package we are using an Execute Process Task to execute Net Use \\sharepoint\DataDrop password /User:Domain\user1 /PERSISTENT:Yes command to map network drive, everything is working well in BIDS, we are […]

In SSIS using send email task, send an email the errors are logged into the error log along with the query results

I want to send an email when error records are logged into the “Errorlog” table along with the results from the table query. Example: Say 3 records from Student table were sent into the Errorlog table, The Email should be like: “The file was not processed because StudentID: 6,8,45 with StudentName: x, y, z do […]

SSIS Derived column- replacing mutiple columns into one

requirement is source table has 30 columns with a total length of 700 bytes. I need to make the 30 columns into 7 columns as 1st column 2nd column 3rd column combine 4th column to 27th column as column 4 28th column as 5th 29th column as 6th 30th column as 7th. I have tried […]

Error In ssis Oledb Source

I am trying to get data from oleDB and load it into Excel. But when I put sql Command in the OleDB Source it is giving me the following error. But the Command works fine in SQl Server. SQL Statement : Exec ImpGetOrderDefaults_Ins_PatLoc_Site ‘0001’,’-1′ TITLE: Microsoft Visual Studio Error at Ins_PatLoc_Sites [OLE DB Source [16]]: […]

SSIS – Loading Multiple Excel Files : First file messes up, rest are correct

So I’ve been banging my head trying to figure this out. I have a folder with a bunch of Excel files with the same data structure. I am trying to import them into SSMS via SSIS. Now, I am able to get every file in perfectly EXCEPT the first. The problem is the derived column. […]

Decimal rounding behavior differs between Prod and Dev (SSIS Package)

I’ve a SSIS Package which calculates Rate and RateIns. When I run this in DEV environment, Rate=1.3850588235, RateIns=1.1389411765 However, when I run this in Prod environment, Rate=1.3850588235, RateIns=1.1389411764 I tried to mimic SSIS logic in SSMS and code is below: CREATE TABLE #TEMP( GST [decimal](10, 2) NULL, [GSTFin] [decimal](10, 2) NULL, [GSTExl] [decimal](10, 2) NULL, […]

Error: The buffer manager cannot extend the file “C:\Users\user_name\… .tmp” to length 99996168 bytes. There was insufficient disk space

We are running a package which is run on around 1 million of records and the package uses multiple sorts and joins. The package is getting aborted with the below error- Error: The buffer manager cannot extend the file “C:\Users\ user_name \AppData\Local\Temp\2\DTS{DCC58934-0E3F-4E9D-9858-E2E0A39002A2}.tmp” to length 99996168 bytes. There was insufficient disk space. We have tried increasing […]

SSIS Redirect Duplicate/Error Records

My SSIS package reads a small .txt file and loads into a table. No problems so far. However, sometimes this package fails due to PK issues, which is understandable (duplicates are within the source table). I’d like to allow the good data to continue to flow to the table, and to redirect the duplicates a […]

SSIS – Cannot connect to SP List with OData Source

I have a SSIS Package with an OData Source Connection to a SharePoint List. To connect to the list, I have a Service Account, which I add as Basic Authentification in the OData Source Task. With this Credentials I can connect to SP and can choose the collection (also preview of the list). When I […]

Why can't I write from table specified in FOR EACH SMO Enumerator to Spreadsheet

I have the FOR EACH SMO Enumerator working. It is (presumably) looping through each table in my data base and putting the table name into my variable User::TableName. Within the loop I have a Data Flow Control with my date base and the table pointed to by the TableName variable I have as my destination […]

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