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tSQLt How can I tell if my SPs are running in the test environment transaction?

I have created several ‘Constructors’ for different objects in my database. These constructors will fake any tables required when creating these objects. Unfortunately I just ran one of these constructors outside of the testing framework (and so outside a transaction) and just had to track down the renamed table to restore it. Is there anyway […]

SQL Server Managment Studio Failures after Windows Updates

Greeting; I have a development virtual machine I use daily for my job. Today I had a Windows Updates KB3212646, KB3197868, KB3185330 install and request reboot. After rebooting, I started getting errors in applications that ran SQL Statements. I opened SSMS 2014 to test and was getting different errors on simple selects. Example, I got […]

How select rows which contains at least one value from other table and is not equal? TSQL

As per subject, I have a problem with query. Problems occurs because table is not normalized. Schema of DB looks like: Table A Columns: ID – A,A,B,B,C,D (not unique) AR – “N10 N12”, “N1 N2 N3”, “N1” AR in A table is char(100) ARID in AWS table is char(6) The result from subselect is a […]

SQL Server Agent Job Error: At least one of the DTS, SQL, ISServer or File options must be specified

I’m trying to run an SSIS job daily using the SQL Server Agent. In my job step I have: Type – Operating System (CmdExec) Run as: Sql Server Agent Service Account Command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\DTS\Binn\DTExec.exe”/F”C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\SourceToTarget\SourceToTarget\TestSqlServerAgent\TestSqlServerAgent\GoogleGeocode.dtsx” When I run this I get an error saying: “At least one of the DTS, SQL, ISServer or […]

SQL Server Management Studio crash on edit rows

I don’t know why, but past week, SQL Server Management Studio started to crash when I try to use “Edit Top 200 rows” option. It happened with 2014 version, but I have installed 2016 version with the same weird result. Could be a server related problem? A coworker is working without problems with the same […]

Installing R packages in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

I’m currently trying to run a R-script in SSMS 2016. I log on to a server (via remote desktop) to run SSMS, and in SSMS I connect to yet another SQL server. I believe this is what causes my error: When I try to install a R package such as dplyr, I get a message […]

SSIS Package and Foreign Keys

I have an SSIS Package that is importing a CSV file into a table called “OPEX_SPEND”. I also have a table called OPEX_Accounts with the following columns: opex_id (primary key) opex_name gl_account The “OPEX_Spend” has the following columns: OPEX_SpendID (primary key) opex_id (foreign key to OPEX_Accounts table) Date ItemText Amount I’ve created a data flow […]

SSMS browse filesystem – Cannot access the specifed path or file on the server

We have a database which have different logins and database users. If login is not sysadmin, SSMS gives an error like below C:\BackupShare Cannot access the specified path or file on the server. Verify that you have the necessary security privileges and that the path or file exists. If you know that the service account […]

SQL Server Crashes Instantly

I have SSMS 2016 installed on my server, but no database. There’s an issue with SSMS on my user account on the server, not all accounts. Everytime I launch the app, it instantly crashes. I tried deleting the AppData folder, I tried deleting the registries, but neither fixed the issue. What can I do to […]

How do I remove deleted databases from SSMS?

I have a similar problem to this one here : How to remove a list of accidently deleted databases from Sql Server Management Studio's tree-like list? but the provided solution to that question hasn’t helped me. I have a number of database .mdf files that were created (and subsequently deleted from the folder) by VS’s […]

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