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Trial column in client statictics SQL

I start attach Client Statistics to examinate my queries. There are “Trial x” columns, What do they mean? I use SQL Server 2014

Create database backup, ignore column

I’d like to create a database backup using SSMS. The backup file will be a .bak file, but I would like to ignore 1 column in a certain table, because this column isn’t necessary, but it takes up 95% of the backup size. The column values should all be replaced by 0x00 (column type is […]

Concat the table records based on the condtion

I am building a SSRS Report to show Student Class Information. I have a table named class with information regarding classes students were attended. My requirement is to show the days in which the classes occur. For eg: If Column Name Monday = ‘Y’ then I have to show the day as [Mon]. I have […]

SQL Server 2012 date and time

I’m trying to create a simple database for a class but when entering time or date variables, I get an error. My code looks a little like this: USE Music INSERT INTO [dbo].[Album] ([Length], ReleaseDate, DateAdded) VALUES (’40:17′, ‘2015/09/18’, ‘2015/10/15 00:00:00.0000’) Then I get the following error: Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 3 […]

Application can open .mdf with no log file but Management Studio can not attach

I installed the DevExpress demo C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 15.2\DevExtreme\DXHotels The demo came with HotelDB.mdf in the App_Data folder. Out of curiosity I attempted to open the HotelDB.mdf by attempting to attach it using SQL Server 2012 Express Management Studio However I got an error about a missing log file when I did this. When I ran […]

SSMS 2014 – Failed to retrieve data for this request – unknown property IsMemoryOptimized

I get the following error when I try to expand keys for a table using SSMS 2014 on Azure SQL Server (13.0.702). If I use “Script Table as” I can get a working query. Has anyone else experienced this? Error: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: […]

SQL Server : column name of max of several columns for each row

I have a table called campaigns that shows the number of ’tiles’ each category is displayed in in an email campaign, like below campaign_id categoryA_tiles categoryB_tiles categoryC_tiles … cateogory Z_tiles 1 5 7 4 … 4 2 4 4 9 … 1 I need to add 3 columns to this table that show the 3 […]

T-SQL – Get runduration from a restore job

I’m using the code below to pull 3 columns: Server Name Database Name Date/Time Restore started Code: WITH LastRestores AS ( SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS [ServerName], [d].[name] AS [DatabaseName], CONVERT(VARCHAR, r.restore_date, 100) AS [RestoreDateTime], RowNum = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY d.NAME ORDER BY r.[restore_date] DESC) FROM master.sys.databases d LEFT OUTER JOIN msdb.dbo.[restorehistory] r ON r.[destination_database_name] = […]

SSMS Rank() function. How can partition by a range of values rather than an exact value?

I’m using a rank() and a row_number() function in some sql code. Everything is working fine except for parts where I have records that have [np_Exposure_Total] values as 20134446 vs. 20134447. I want these to essentially be treated as if they were the same number. I’m thinking ideally I would like to do it by […]

How to hide security node and logins from some users in SQL?

We are using SQL Server 2012. I’m granting access to some one from out side my company. I hide all Databases except his one. Is there any possible way to hide all users and logins? We want him to have information as few as possible about our server at SSMS. How can we do this?

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