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SQL Server: Importing database from .mdf?

I have an .mdf file on my local box. I have SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Management Studio 2008 Express installed on my local box. How in the world do I import this .mdf file as a new database into my SQL Server? This seems like a ridiculously common task that must be performed […]

Right click script alter table disabled in SQL Server Management Studio

I want to script a table as Alter to a New Query Editor Window. But this option is disabled. How can I do this?

Easily find one stored procedure in SQL Server Management Studio from 1000 in treeview?

Our database is about to reach 1000 stored procedures. Although we were wise and created a good scheme for naming the stored procedures, hunting for the stored procedure you need can be a bit frustrating as you scroll and scroll and scroll. If I know the exact name of the stored procedure I’m looking for, […]

Mac alternative to SQL server management studio?

I am on Windows so SQL server management studio works fine for me. However, my application is hosted and my client needs to make some entries in DB and he has Mac. How can we get over this issue? Is there any MAC option for SSMS? Thanks!

Printing SQL Server Diagrams (from SQL Server Management Studio Express)

I am having trouble printing my diagrams, I seem to be getting portions of the diagram blocked out, etc. I’ve tried several different computers, printers, and databases, so it seems to be a problem with SSMS Express itself. Is this just the way it is? Are there any decent workarounds, or does anyone use a […]

Value cannot be null, Parameter name: viewInfo

After installing SP2 to an existing SQL Server 2008 R2 I lost access to all my databases and started facing the error in the screenshot. Any ideas?

Find a string by searching all stored procs in SQL Server Management Studio 2008

Is there a way to search for a string within all stored procs in SQL Server Management Studio?

How to automatically refresh the SQL Server Management Studio intellisense cache?

In SQL Server Management Studio if the user creates new table columns, tables, etc. the user needs to refresh the IntelliSense cache using CTRL+Shift+R. Is there a setting or some way to automate this so it can automatically be refreshed right after inserting a new table, etc?

rename database name in sql server management studio 2014

I have a database called “ip_ent_site”. And I wanna rename it to “ip_ent_site1” for example. I have done right click and rename, it is keeping on failed. This is the error message: Anyone can help?

script Table as Create via SSMS doesn't show unique index

Using SQL Server Management Studio 2008, why can’t I see unique index ( not primary key ) when I generate Create Table SQL code? It includes only primary key constraint. Is it by design ? There is a possibility to get SQL code for index creation via right mouse click on an index and “Script […]

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