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Changing maintenance plan in SQL Server Management Studio

I have a maintenance plan that is set up to back up all of my 5 DB’s every day. I do not need to backup them all, only part of them. I don’t want to create a new job as my website is old and I don’t want to make significant changes (moreover, I am […]

How to see if values in a column changed across multiple dates

I have a table below that I need to see if interest rates changed for any loan number within a given period. Below is just sample data, I need to find this information across 2 million rows. How can this be done? Sample data +————+————-+—————+ | DATE | LOAN_NUMBER | INTEREST_RATE | +————+————-+—————+ | 04/01/2010 […]

Import xml file into SQL Server without database (tables)

I have a database which is in XML format contains both structure and data but I don’t have database to import the data from XML. Is there any way to import the XML file into SQL Server, so that SQL Server will read the XML file and subsequently create table structures and insert the data […]

How to disable immediate autocomplete in SQL Assistant for SSMS

It’s a bit annoying that SQL Assistant shows “autocomplete” window on each , or . button press. Actually I don’t need it’s assistance in most of cases but still would like to have it’s features enabled. So I don’t want to switch it off (suspend), but’d like it to show me autocomplete window only when […]

Is there a way to retrieve a list of existing savepoints that have been defined in a transaction in MS SQL Server Management studio

Say, I have a huge transaction with multiple save points defined at different intervals. Is there a command or tool that I can use that will provide me a list of the names of the savepoints that I have defined in my script.

How can I “dynamically” split a varchar column by specific characters?

I have a column that stores 2 values. Example below: | Column 1 | |some title1 =ExtractThis ; Source Title12 = ExtractThis2| I want to remove ‘ExtractThis’ into one column and ‘ExtractThis2’ into another column. I’ve tried using a substring but it doesn’t work as the data in column 1 is variable and therefore it […]

The index is dependent on column T-SQL

I try changing primary key constraint, but get the error saying: “The index is dependent on column”. I tried dropping the index but it seems to do nothing. Am I even doing drop the right way? If no, is there any way to get specific index name? Also here’s the link to previous question for […]

ssms connection timeout expired pre-login handshake error

I am unable to connect to SQL Server using SSMS 2014/2012. But able to connect successfully using DBVisualizer. Getting below error: Connecton Timeout Expired. The tmeout period elapsed while attempting to consume the pre-login handshake acknowledgement. This could be because the pre-login handshake failed or the server was unable to respond back in tme. The […]

SQL Server Management Studio 2016 creates project all the time

I’ve recently upgraded SSMS 2014 to 2016 and what’s bugging me is that whenever I want to quit it, it always asks me to save Solution even though I didn’t create one. How do I disable this check?

What are the steps to modify a table from 3NF to BCNF along with its dependency using SSMS?

I have three tables, T1, T2 and T3. T1 has the three-dimensional primary key of (T1K1, T1K2, T1K3). T3 has a one-dimensional primary key of (T3K1). Between T1 and T3 there is an n:m relation represented by T2. T2 has a one-dimensional primary key of (T2K1). T2 references T1(T1K1, T1K2, T1K3) via (T2T1K1, T2T1K2, T2T1K3) […]

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