The conversion from UNKNOWN to UNKNOWN is unsupported

I get the following exception running a stored procedure: The conversion from UNKNOWN to UNKNOWN is unsupported.

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  • The procedure is defined like this:

    @p1 varchar(1024) ,
    @p2 varchar(1024) ,
    @p3 char(1) ,
    @p4 varchar(254),
    @p5 varchar(254),
    @debug bit )

    My parameters in Java are defined like this:

    Object[] params = {“1,2,3”, “d”, ‘2’, “”, “”, 1};

    I think it’s caused by the character. Any ideas why?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “The conversion from UNKNOWN to UNKNOWN is unsupported”

    I found it. Clockwork-Muse put me on the path. The char type does not convert to an Object when you set the parameters. The following will work:

         try (PreparedStatement st = con.prepareStatement(query)) {
            int n = 1;
            for (Object o : params) {
                if (o instanceof Character) {
                    o = "" + o;
                st.setObject(n, o);
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