The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint

Error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK__Item__order__3AE27131”. The conflict occurred in database “pmall”, table “dbo.ItemSaved”, column ‘id’.

Here’s my table:

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  • ItemSavedUnits

    • id
    • ItemID (is set in this table a FK to
    • …etc.

    Here’s my insert statement:

    insert into ItemSavedUnits (ItemID, name, Price)
    select ItemID, name,Price
    from ItemUnits where ItemID = 92439 

    I don’t really understand why if I a FK constraint on ItemSavedUnits.ItemID that is related to Item.ItemID and ItemUnits has no constraints at all why I’m getting a problem inserting into ItemSavedUnits. The ItemID I’m tryign to insert does exist in the Item table.

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    Are you absolutely sure that ItemId 92439 exists in the Item table, and not just in ItemUnits?


    Is your select statement returning null?

    It looks like you need a row in ItemUnits with that ID first – what does the SELECT statement part of your insert return? No rows?

    Also, is there a trigger on the ItemSavedUnits table that could be causing problems?

    Your foreign key constraint violation doesn’t appear to deal with the ItemSavedUnits table – the violation exception is being thrown by the constraint on the ItemSaved table, not the ItemSavedUnits table. Is there a trigger on ItemSavedUnits that’s trying to insert into ItemSaved?

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