Time difference between two times in the same table

(Please note that I have seen a similar question on StackOverflow recently, however I can not find it anywhere – if anyone can find it please post the link)

I have a table that has a datetime field in it. For example:

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  • Table data

    DateTime date;
    int number;

    I need to find the difference between date in a row and date in the next row. I have tried with a query:

    select date as current_date, date - (select top 1 date where date > current_date from data) as time_difference from date

    however this won’t work, because of “current_date”. Is there a way I can do this with one query?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Time difference between two times in the same table”

    SELECT  date AS current_date, next_date - date AS difference
    FROM    mytable mo
            SELECT  TOP 1 date AS next_date
            FROM    mytable mi
            WHERE   mi.date > mo.date
            ORDER BY
            ) q
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