Xml from sql table

I want to get the contents of a sql table using xml:

projectID - projectName - customerID -customerName - city

i want to list all columns in xml tags and nest the customer seperately inside a project element

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    You can transform the table row into XML using by using xmlelement:

    (select xmlelement (name Project, 
       xmlattributes(p.projectID as id), 
       xmlelement(p.name as Name),
       xmlelement(name Customer,
          xmlattributes(p.customerID as id), 
          xmlforest(p.customerName as Name, p.city as City)
       TableName p

    You need to replace ‘TableName’ with whatever your table is called. This basically returns data as XML and nests a new customer element inside a parent project tag. This is the XML outputted:

    <Project id="1">
       <Project Name>Manhatten Project</Project>
       <Customer id="200">
          <Name>Jim Doe</Name>
          <City>New York</City>

    You can then parse the XML in .net with the Read() method. If you’ve not used XML with .net before, read this article for a general introduction.

    MS SQL Server is a Microsoft SQL Database product, include sql server standard, sql server management studio, sql server express and so on.